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Comey was using personal email for FBI business when he cleared Clinton of doing the same

FL: Provisional ballot box found in school

Husband of California US Representative indicted for theft of public funds

Judge orders stop to Keystone XL pipeline

VA official sent to prison for stealing $680,000 from elderly veteran

FL: Corrections officers smuggled cash, contraband to prisoners

CA: Inmates got $3.5 million from Social Security 

WA: GAO: Fraud & mismanagement risk at Hanford nuclear facility

FL: Prison guard arrested for smuggling drugs to inmate 

MN: Winona postmaster removed for misconduct

FL: Election worker caught Broward County election officials filling-in blank ballots 

TX: CPS must pay $127K for wrongfully taking children

MD: Congressional map ruled unconstitutional

CA: Man pleads no contest to lewd acts with minor, judge sets him free

Former TSA official gets 15-years for child porn 

Just-released 2014 memo documents CIA intercepted whistleblower communications with Congress

DNI Clapper who knew of whistleblower spying later lied to Congress denying it's existence

IL: Chicago public school principal falsified school records

TSA behaves abusively toward passengers over a book one screener called 'f***ing disgusting'

Snowden confirms authenticity of NSA document detailing illegal spying on Americans

Navy's newest & costliest aircraft carrier plagued with construction problems

20,000 city residents received federal farm subsidies 

DHS investigating allegations of racial discrimination at Coast Guard Academy

FL: Lantana mayor solicits sex in exchange for speed bumps  

NJ: Governor hires staffer facing rape claim

'Operation Choke Point' targets banking of disfavored industries 

IG: TVA misusing luxury aircraft

FDIC isn't protecting sensitive information

CA: Irvine city council candidate drops off mom so she can panhandle on the streets

CA: State bar rules SF prosecutor should be suspended for withholding evidence

CA: Whistleblower says prison officials misleading federal judge

GA: Judge tosses jury conviction of former judge who confessed to murder

GA: Judge indicted for stealing court funds 

AL: Judge charged with reckless endangerment 

MI: University of Michigan holds 'pro-BDS' event hours after deadly synagogue attack

USAF general harassed subordinates, didn't report suicide attampts

MD: $425,000 Baltimore spent on job fair didn't yield jobs

IL: Former Chicago employee convicted of stealing from city

Top TSA official settles sexual harassment & retaliation case then gets promoted

DOJ IG investigating FBI agents who lied during fatal shooting

GA: Judge orders state to accept absentee ballots with mismatching signatures

IL: Judge accused of retaliating against sexual harassment victims

NV: Judge skips work to do personal errands

NY: State university hospital paid 7 employees to work elsewhere in secret arrangement

Postal worker dumped mail in woods

GSA took more than 2 years to notify victims of personal info lost in data breach 

US Marshals violated rules in allowing terminated chief deputy to remain on the job

AmeriCorps accused of rampant sexual harassment 

NASA lost lunar rover, other equipment & space artifacts

IN: IG reports Attorney-General engaged in sexual misconduct

TSA retaliates against whistleblower

US: Appeals court admonishes judge for trial without defendant or attorney present, allows conviction to stand 

MO: Judge tosses voter-approved voter ID law

Air Force spends $1,280 each for coffee cups

Man accuses Sen Cory Booker (D-NJ) of sexual assault

OR: Judge faces trial for two felony gun charges

Judge 'shocked' DOJ gave immunity to Clinton aide who committed perjury and lied under oath

Failures of Congress keep nuclear waste scattered across US

GAO questions accuracy of FCC data on tribal broadband

IG: Navy fails to maintain oversight of supply ships

OH: Medicaid paid $51 million to dead enrollees

Senior NSA official disciplined for sexual misconduct at work continued that behavior

HUD Secretary announces new IG for Interior Dept, Interior replies 'no way'

IG: Interior Secretary's wife's travel violated policy

KY: Judge allegedly pumped police for details on informants in ex-husband's case

OH: Judge denies visiting prostitute

IL: Judge bucks law, says boys as young as 10 can be locked-up

NJ: Judge tells rape victim 'close your legs'

WA: Judge rules Seattle city attorney had 'complete disregard for public safety'

IL: Local governments spent $16 million on lobbying, waste

'Believe all women' rule doesn't apply to TSA victims

US:Judge rules government may be used over man-made global warming 

NC: Judge declines to punish student who vandalized statue

Staff fired over allegations of abuse in immigration detention facility

NOAA official abused teen boy in his 'room of pain' 

VA: Chesapeake warns 13-year olds can face 6 months in jail for trick or treating

Washington & Lee University replaces pictures of Washington & Lee

TX: Judges orders 9-year old taken off life support 

NJ: Judge sentences drunk-driving cop guilty of killing motorist 270 days in jail

Congressman & Minnesota Attorney-General candidate fights order to unseal divorce records over abuse allegations

DC: School chancellor & one other fired over cheating in lottery placement 

TX: Judge sits on bench with suspended law license

US: Judge threatens to hold ICE in contempt if it deports illegal alien previously deported four times

TX: Judge allegedly signed blank warrant for cops

CA: Videos contradict police account in fatal shooting of a man

IN: Woman has come forward alleging a consensual 1992 sexual encounter with now-House speaker

Several FBI employees recalled from half dozen Asian cities over partying & prostitution claims

IL: Evanston spent $700K on lobbying in spite of $7.4M budget deficit

Sen Sherrod Brown (D-OH) caught-up in domestic abuse scandal

US: Judge claims State Dept lied over claim it turned-over all Clinton emails

CA: Administrative law judge claims firing due to discrimination

IL: Cook County judges give campaign funds to Democratic Party to  defeat one of their own

KS: Judge dismisses "excessive force" lawsuit against police for fatally shooting unarmed man; said jury may find them guilty

WA: Energy Dept concerned over safety of nuclear waste storage

IG: DHS rushed implementation of zero tolerance policy

IG: Illinois gubernatorial candidate defrauded taxpayers

MN: Minneapolis police decline to investigation domestic violence allegations against Democratic politician

Senator's husband awarded 57 govt tax credit contracts of nearly $275 million

TX: Judge sentences man who struck corrections officer to 45 years in prison

Navy commander fired after integrity called into question

IG: State Dept operates one of largest non-military aviation departments in federal government

Postal worker dumped cartons of mail on the street

TSA confiscates bullet-shaped ice cube containers

Senator claims Senate's constitutional "advise & consent" duties unconstitutional

SCOTUS Justice Kagan outs herself as a liberal jurist

CA: Judge says he is victim of smear campaign orchestrated by public defender

SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg doesn't remember content of 14th Amendment

US: St Louis law requiring pro-life groups rent facilities to an abortion clinic ruled unconstitutional

US: Judge rules sanctuary cities are constitutional

US : Judge rules notes on decision to keep highway open before bridge collapse can't be released

Homeland Security tells judge it believes it has authority to secretly install GPS trackers on cars crossing border

Michigan town gets $2M in military money & hardware for 2-man police department

Democratic House staffer arrested for "doxxing" Senators during Kavanaugh hearing

Judge rules police not liable for K9 that inflicted "horrendous injuries" on pregnant innocent bystander

Judge blocks DHS from deporting immigrants under TPS program

Report: TSA has "toxic leadership culture, misconduct, mismanagement, whistleblower retaliation and obstruction." 

FBI refuses to release documents detailing Clinton-Russia uranium deal

Grandson of WWII Enola Gay pilot denied USAF promotion after misconduct determinations

DOJ questions Philly's use of $15 million from 2016 DNC convention

Feinstein to be investigated over leaked Kavanaugh accuser letter

Individual using US House computer posted personal info of Republican Senators on Internet

Child pornography traced to Federal observatory

September is use-it-or-lose-it season in DC

US Senate candidate tells false life story

House contemplates legislation allowing DHS to shoot-down citizen drones

Democrats misjudged  Kavanaugh attack strategy

LA:  Judge retires after complaint about behavior toward colleagues 

NY:  State English exams are a horrific waste 

MD: Judge rules county liable for damages in profiling case

MI: Ethics hearing for judge accused of mistreating employees & lawyers

CA: 17 state AGs sue US Attorney-General for not permitting political asylum for immigrants seeking asylum for non-political reasons

ID: Gubernatorial candidate predicts women & minorities will be attacked if Kavanaugh confirmed

CA: DMV has 23,000 improper voter registrations

MN: Minnesota Democrats' "independent" investigation of Ellison sexual assault claims not indepedent

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