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From George Washington to Donald Trump 

Scandals That Rocked the Nation

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Since America’s founding, the nation’s capital has experienced more than its share of scandals; thankfully, Washington Babylon  explores some of  the dirtiest secrets that have occurred throughout US history. Some are from the earliest days of America’s founding and include the most  famous people in history, like George Washington.  Others are still fresh in our minds, as the dust has not even settled.  In between, US history is littered with scandals from nearly all walks  of life that  were the most talked-about stories at the time. Many past scandals  remain infamous, such as Watergate, Chappaquiddick, and Abscam.  Other scandals that were once the biggest stories of the day have faded into obscurity. Washington Babylon reveals new details in some scandals that were not known when the story first broke, offering a whole new  perspective for discussion. This is the most comprehensive collection of American scandals that will educate, entertain, shock, and  perhaps, even titillate the reader.


U.S. Navy’s New Frigate Doesn’t Come With A Warranty 

IG: VA Wrongfully Denied $53 Million in Veterans’ Medical Claims 

NJ: Judge suggest woman sell her nude photos to Playboy

Manhattan District Attorney petitioned court to lower convicted sex offender status of Democratic donor

TN: Judge disciplined for not watching LGBTQ sensitivity video 

MI: State Supreme Court removes judge from bench over judicial misconduct & alleged criminal acts 

VA: Judge sanctions school system in sexual misconduct lawsuit 

IN: Judge is charged after being shot in parking lot fight 

USAGM Official Pleads Guilty to Stealing Government Funds 

NJ: Congressman Hit With Ethics Complaint For Allegedly Hiding Gift From Foreign Regime Known For Bribery 

CA: Congressman Had At Least Five Affairs, Court Filings Allege 

NJ: Public high school lets Muslims interrupt classes to “convert students”  

NJ: Doctored Time Sheets Lead To Arrests Of Three Bergen County Workers, Fourth Suspect 

IL: FBI raids office of Chicago alderman 

IG: Marine general 'bullied' subordinates, 'devalued women' 

OR: Governor deploys state police to round-up GOP senators for man-made global warming vote 

US: Judge blocks ICE from making civil arrests at Massachusetts courthouses  

Energy Dept. Mismanaged $1.2B IT Contract 

TN: Judge blocks city's decision to dissolve police department 

Feds rely on commercial credit agencies to verify identities 

MI: 3 charged with attempted murder released on $500 bond by Detroit judge 

IG: FBI lost track of 62 "cooperating" foreigners believed to be involved in criminal activity 

PA: Judge challenges police officer during traffic stop, is quickly sent on his way  

AR: Ethics Complaint Dropped Against Judge Over Execution Protest  

Immigration rules to protect US veterans are often ignored by DHS 

Pelosi's Bizarre Drug Price Negotiation Plan 

FL: Judge reprimanded for inappropriate behavior  

NJ: Judge who misused funds to give himself bonuses barred by state  

NJ: Judge videotapes himself raping boy loses pension 

US: Judge Sees Criminal Neglect In U.S. Response To Climate Change 

NY: State Paid For NY Sex Offenders' Erectile Dysfunction Drugs  

Navy Prosecutor Caught Sending Emails With Tracking Software To Reporters And Defense Attorneys 

Federal Attempt to Stop the Government From Paying Dead People 

NY: DMV supervisor admits to illegally giving woman’s DMV info to estranged spouse 

OR: County judge orders prison to give transgender inmate a private cell 

Prosecutor accused of misconduct removed from Navy SEAL trial

SC: Judge allows woman charged with homicide by child abuse to go on family vacation 

MI: Family court judge reassigned amid abuse cover-up claims 

OH: Federal ruling: Former judge Tracie Hunter's jail sentence can proceed 

California made $71M worth of unallowable Medicaid payments to dead people 

Postal Service Doesn’t Want You To Know Where Its Worst Drivers Are  

IL: Chicago politician arrested for filing false police report 

Former FBI top lawyer admits IG will find problems with FISA warrants

NY: Mayor’s NYPD vehicle driving wrong way when it crashed with truck, sparking cover-up 

NH: Judge clears way for alleged killer of grandfather, mother to inherit millions   

CA: San Francisco police raid home of journalist to discover source 

GAO: New Army tactical vehicle “not operationally suitable” 

NY: LIRR employees logging 'physically impossible' overtime hours  

Report: DOJ IG found Carter Page FISA extensions were illegally obtained 

Federal judge: Florida must provide Spanish-language ballots in 2020 

FL:  No. 2 commander of St. Augustine’s National Guard resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations 

OR: Parents say 2nd-grade teacher tried to convince their 8 year old son he was transgender 

MD: Baltimore City employee fired after he downloaded more than 4,000 sexually explicit images  

TN: Memphis-area judge under fire after controversial Facebook posts 

CA: Legislative bill targets Catholic priests 

CA: Assemblyman's attorneys seek to discredit 7-year-old daughter’s stories of abuse 

US: Judge overturns Trump executive order for overturning Obama executive order

MA: Judge indicted  for refusing to allow illegal alien to be detained 

FL: Judge acquits Miami cop accused of kicking handcuffed suspect in the head  

WA: Seattle head judge asked to step down in damning letter from city prosecutors and public defenders 

NE: Judge gives woman probation for inadvertently killing love rival's daughter   

US: Judge in Oregon says he’ll block Trump’s abortion rule 

Hackers access FBI-affiliated websites to post personal info of agents and police officers  

CA: Democrats propose $15 billion in new taxes on state residents  

Social Security Trust Fund. Bankrupt. 2035. 



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