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Democratic presidential candidate once compared homosexuality to bestiality 

Census asks dozens of questions but, judge rules citizenship status may not be one of them

CA: Illegal alien parents on pace to receive more than $650 million in welfare benefits 

CA: Lawmakers traveled to Hawaii with utility executives as wildfires raged 

CA: Judge accused of harassing colleague and other women

IL: Portage mayor's bribery & corruption trial gets underway

US judge recommends overturning California terror conviction claiming defense attorney was ineffective 

US Navy sub commander demoted after hiring prostitutes in Philippines 

Freshman Democratic Congressman Tries To Bring Booze Onto House Floor  

DOD IG: Pentagon allowed $28B in available funds to expire  

MA: After Charter School Faces State Scrutiny, Board Chair Resigns  

PA: 20 percent of elder-abuse allegations handled improperly, state report says 

LA: Attorney sued by judge ex-boyfriend 

IN: 88 years for burglaries. How did a burglar get more time than some murderers? 

CA: Embezzlement case against Bakersfield police officer dismissed after judge finds search was unlawful  

IL: Freshman Democratic lawmaker to file discrimination claims against Illinois House Speaker 

IL: Chicago Public Schools IG: Improper Admissions, Failed Background Checks 

Top Pentagon Spokeswoman Resigns on New Year's Eve Amid Internal Probe 

FL: Number of registered sex offenders increased dramatically 

CA: Governor Sues to Prevent Voters from Enacting Criminal Justice Reforms 

Feds Spend $1,788,748 on Virtual Reality Game for Young Gay Men 

CA: Oakland mayor insists she 'did the right thing' in tipping off illegal immigrants about ICE raid 

Detroit, state reach $100K settlement over alleged demo violations 

Pentagon Doesn’t Know All the Software on Its Networks  

Federal judge finds Oregon law governing who is an ‘engineer’ violates free speech 

Videos show workers mistreating immigrant children at facility

Ohio IG: Millions spent on unused Marion prison dairy barn  

IG accuses Govt Publishing Office officials of cronyism, wasteful spending 

US: $114 million down the toilet: Summing up annual shaming report on egregious govt waste 

MO: Perjury Charge Against Osage Beach Alderman Is Dismissed; Judge Says Impossible To Prove 

TX: Ousted Houston-area judge warns of ‘mental torment’ of role 

OH: State watchdog finds "rampant fraud, waste and abuse" in prisons work program 

IL: Cook County (Chicago) judge sentenced for mortgage fraud  

NV: Las Vegas judge charged with domestic battery 

IL: Ex-judge given 1 year in prison for mortgage fraud scheme: 'I'm an embarrassment!' 

IL: Watchdog to oversee complaints involving lawmakers — after four year gap 

Miscue means some Federal Protective Service inspectors earned more than VP 

NY: NYC Dept of Environmental Protection inspector arrested for taking bribes 

Mueller never attempted to recover Strzok & Page text messages before erasing cell phone data 

MD: Former Baltimore retirement system director disputes accusations of misspending 

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