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FBI tracked Michael Cohen's phones with controversial device   

DC: Former employee in $1.4 million fraud scheme

Maryland's Nanny State Targets Foam Cups and Containers 

USDA Scientists Fed Cat Hearts and Brains to Other Cats, Then Euthanized Them 

MD: Baltimore mayor convinces local colleges to buy thousands of self-published book

MA: Cultural Council wants more taxpayer money amid lavish spending 

CA: Lewd Photos, Harassment And Retaliation Allegations: Inside The Meltdown At LAUSD's Powerful Watchdog Agency 

HI: Judge Orders Release Of More Records In Case Of HPD Officer Who Beat Girlfriend 

IL: As it overturns conviction, Illinois appeals court chastises Cook County judge 

DOJ: Cincinnati Public Schools 'Walking School Bus' program hired people with criminal records to walk kids to school 

IG: Pentagon doesn't know where $2.1B was spent on F-35 parts 

CA: Misconduct Case Against LA Appeals Judge Set for August Hearing 

US: Judge: Insurer Discriminated Against People With Mental Illness, Addiction  

ME: Judge awards $1.8 million to former Maine man cleared of assaulting wife 

US: Judge Blocks USCIS in Immigration/Marriage Fraud Case  

MN: Pattern of harassment swirled around Judge Lundell 

CT: Judge yanks pension of former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez 

NJ: Ticket-fixing judge could be disbarred 

GA: delegate introduces 'testicular bill of rights' legislation  

US: Texas Federal Judge, After Rebuke, Slams 5th Circuit for 'Inaccurate' Statements 

Judge orders naming of U.S. attorney who had affair with subordinate 

MD: Former Cop Indicted for Planting Fake Gun 

GAO: Cybercom Facing Challenges to Train, Maintain Cyber Forces  

GAO: Retirement benefits for millions may be slashed without pension agency reforms 

IT guy at US govt fraud watchdog stole 16 computers from... US govt fraud watchdog  

Audit: NC agency spent on cake bites instead of housing  

GAO: Pentagon Watchdogs Allowed Some Improper Access to Whistleblower Files 

NC: New chief justice temporarily suspends judge 

Feds splurge on lobster, pianos, golf carts in race to spend 'use it or lose it' budget 

MI: Judge censured; called prosecutors 'fool' and 'cancer'  

GAO: Government had backlog of 565,000 security investigations last month  

U.S. Government Media Network Fires 8 Journalists Over Report Critical of Soros  

Oregon Bill Would Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death 

Rep Alexandra Ocasio-Cortex (NY-D) chief of staff ran $1M slush fund by diverting campaign cash to his own companies 

US: Judge to consider return for woman who joined Islamic State  

MI: Livingston County judge faces multiple counts of misconduct 

WI: Judicial conduct panel recommends suspension of Fox Crossing Municipal  

US: Judge orders Idaho to immediately facilitate transgender inmate-prison surgery 

GAO: EPA officials delayed assessments of toxic chemicals  

National Security Agency Travelers Misspent $285,000, Watchdog Finds 

WI: Sheboygan County judge rebuked for overriding prosecutor's discretion to dismiss charges 

MI: Detroit judge gets benched for refusing to record courtroom proceedings  

MA: Former Senate president's estranged husband facing assault, battery & public lewdness charges  

Maryland delegate refers to predominately black county as a "n***** district"

 FBI tracked Michael Cohen's phones with controversial device 

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