US: Dept of Ed IG finds missteps in handling of FERPA complaints 

US: Common Core using sex appeal to sell merits of the standards 

US: Judge rules against secular school owned by a Christian organization 

US: Female Alleges Gender Discrimination at US Naval Academy 

US: Gay, Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian High School Students 

US: USDA Buys 7 Million Pounds of 'Pink Slime' for School Lunches 

US: Student Loan Debt a 'Ticking Time Bomb' 

US: Feds Fail at Public Education After 50 Years of Involvement 

AL: Alabama A&M College Hosts Racist Farrakhan 

AZ: Arizona State University offers extra credit to women who don't shave armpit hair 

AZ: College suspends student who requested classes be taught in English 

AZ: Teacher gives 4th graders assignment on marital infidelity 

AZ: Student suspended for photo of firearm on computer 

CA: Lewd Photos, Harassment And Retaliation Allegations: Inside The Meltdown At LAUSD's Powerful Watchdog Agency  

CA:  Second executive at L.A. charter schools network Celerity charged with conspiracy, making false statements  

CA: UC Irvine students vote to ban US flag 

CA: Student association votes for state university system to divest from America 

CA: Taxpayer dollars spent on 'Queer Agriculture' course 

CA: UCLA adopts notorious Communist as its cover girl 

CA: College student directed to remove US flag as it might offend foreigners 

CA: UCLA pays $500,000 in campus police brutality incident 

CA: San Bernardino elementary school ends policy of students kneeling before principal 

CA: College official orders student to remove 'offensive' cross necklace 

CA: Bill would allow schoolchildren to decide which gender bathrooms and locker rooms to use 

CA: Moreno Valley school board member convicted of running prostitution ring 

CA: UC Regents refuse to hear evidence on the failure of the university system 

CA: Dumbing-down public education 

CA: Teachers union produces video of 'rich' urinating on the 'poor' 

CA: State Tells 23 University Campuses to Not Admit California Residents in 2013 

CA: Poway School District Spends $1 Billion to Borrow $100 Million 

CA: Middle School Teacher Moonlights as Porn Star 

CA: University of California System to Query Incoming Students on Sexual Orientation 

CA: University President Defends Right of Racist, Anti-Semetic Nation of Islam Leader to Speak on Campus 

CO: School bribes students to eat Michelle Obama lunches 

CO: High School Assigns Song Praising Allah to School Choir 

CT: Waterbury schools to honor two Muslim religious holidays 

CT: Two schools ban Halloween and rename day as 'Fall Festival' 

CT: Yale Sued After Falsely Confirming Professor's Teaching Credentials 

DC: School chancellor & one other fired over cheating in lottery placement

DC: Public Schools Cost Nearly $30,000 Per Pupil 

DC: Georgetown University Students Vandalize Chapel with Condoms 

FL: School administrators accused of changing student grades 

FL: 2 Miami-Dade public school employees accused of selling GED certificates  

FL: Harmony elementary school suspends 2nd grader for playing with imaginary gun 

FL: FSU professor: "white people are the problem" 

FL: Polk County schools scanned students' irises without parental permission 

FL: Ft Myers school suspends teen who wrestled away loaded gun from teen suspect 

FL: Tampa school goes in lock-down over mercury-filled thermometer 

FL: State Board of Education is Staffed with Bigots 

FL: Judge Orders Teacher Reinstated Who Put Austistic Student's Crayons in Hot Sauce 

FL: Miami-Dade Opening Video Game-Themed Magnet School 

GA: School suspends 4th-grader for bringing 'weapon' to school 

GA: Teacher Helps 5th Graders Cheat on Exam 

 IL: Chicago Public Schools teacher charged with sex crimes with student   

IL: University of Chicago students furious police chase armed suspects onto campus 

IL: Chicago schools fire 6, suspend dozens over sexual misconduct reports 

IL: Chicago Public Schools IG: Improper Admissions, Failed Background Checks  

IL: Chicago public school principal falsified school records 

IL: Chicago Public Schools employee committed $870,000 fraud 

IL: College hid $95 million in spending on booze, shooting clubs 

IL: Common core school assignment asks parents to self-identify as 'liberal' or 'conservative' 

IL: Chief of Chicago teachers union goes on racist rant against 'rich white people' 

IL: Chicago public school follows lead of Iran and bans 'Islamophobic' book' 

IL: Chicago schools require sex education be taught to all K-12 students 

IL: 4 of 5 Chicago 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading 

IL: Hinsdale Teacher Gets 15-Days of Work-Release for Sexual Abuse of a Minor 

IL: Judge Rules Chicago University Violated First Amendment Rights of School Newspaper Adviser 

IN: Academic freedom at Ball State only for politically correct issues 

IN: Dept of Ed improperly counted students 

IA: University of Iowa Law School Sued for Bias in Opposing Pro-Life Job Applicant 

IA: University Ordered to Turn-Over Emails in Defamation Case 

IA: Des Moines School Superintendent Sent Sexually Explicit Emails to Married Lover Using Govt Systems 

IA: Colleges and Universities Replacing Bottled Water with 'Refilling' Stations 

KS: IG: Haskell Indian Nations University falsified crime statistics 

KS: Judge Blocks Student Transfers from Unaccredited Schools 

MD: Elementary school offers counseling for students affected by gun-shaped pastry 

MD: Talbot County school suspends two 6-year olds for pointing fingers like a gun during recess 

MD: Middle School Under Fire for Blacks-Only Mentoring Group 

MA: After Charter School Faces State Scrutiny, Board Chair Resigns 

MA: Corrupt mayor to teach at Harvard 

MA: Dept of Ed states 'transgender' students may use either bathroom 

MA: School threatens to suspend 5-year old for making a 'gun' from Legos 

MA: 'You Are Not Special' High School Teacher Tells Grads 

MA: Harvard Professor Fabricates Minority Ethnicity 

MA: Harvard's 'Sex-Positivity and Slut-Pride' Workshops 

MA: School Principal Renames 'St. Patrick's Day' to 'O'Green Day' 

MI: University of Michigan holds 'pro-BDS' event hours after deadly synagogue attack 

MI: State university slowly placing restrictions on free speech 

MI: Judge rules no First Amendment rights for 57-year old student dismissed from college 

MN: St Paul school districts spend millions on 'white privilege' training 

MS: Student Arrested for 'Bomb' Threat After Making Fart Joke 

NE: School Tells 3-Year Old Deaf Student He Must Change His Name 

NV: Word Misspelled on High School Diplomas 

NJ: Public high school lets Muslims interrupt classes to “convert students” 

NJ: Elementary School Students Get $500,000 Settlement After Being Forced to Eat on Gym Floor 

NJ: Judge Rules School Officials Can Be Tried in Overseas Sex Offense 

NJ: Secret Audio Recordings of Teacher & Aide Bullying Student 

NM: College president urges students to vote 'often' 

NY: NYU professor: Mexico should allow drug cartels to flood US with drugs 

NY: School attempts to 'child-proof' children 

NY: NYC won't fire creepy teacher who stalked and assaulted teacher who refused his advances 

NY: Student involuntarily committed to asylum for 30 days after calling professor a 'bitch' 

NY: Judge Orders NYC to Reinstate Teachers at Failing Schools 

NY: Teacher Said Sex with Students was 'Warm' and 'Casual' 

NY: Parents Yanking Kids from 'Progressive' School Because They Can't Read 

NY: Principal Bans 'God Bless the USA' from School Graduation 

NY: Buffalo Teachers Get Free Plastic Surgery 

NY: Judge Orders Rehiring of Teacher Let-Go 

NC: Duke University settled federal lawsuit for $112 million after falsifying research to obtain taxpayer-funded grants  

NC: NC State University to give-away butt plugs and other sex toys NC: Teacher Threatens Student He Could Be Arrested for Criticizing Obama 

NC: Lenoir County School Employee Caught Placing Hidden Camera in Locker Room of Nearby Stadium 

NC: Raeford 4-Year Old Forced to Eat Cafeteria Lunch as School Official Deems Sack Lunch Unhealthy 

OH: DOJ: Cincinnati Public Schools 'Walking School Bus' program hired people with criminal records to walk kids to school  

OH: Dad writes 'common core' check to school 

OH: State representative found guilty in selling of football tickets 

OH: Oberlin College plays along with racism hoax 

OK: High School Withholds Diploma from Valedictorian for Saying 'Hell' in Speech 

OK: High School Student Suspended for Taking Photo of Teacher Sleeping in Class

OR: Parents say 2nd-grade teacher tried to convince their 8 year old son he was transgender  

OR: Elementary School Principal Views Peanut-Butter Sandwiches as 'Racist' 

 PA: Judge orders former Penn State president to jail  

PA: Beaver County schools go into lock-down over student's cell phone greeting included reference to 'shooting b-ball' 

PA: School suspends 5-year old for 'threatening' classmate with bubble-making toy 

RI: High School Paints Over Student's 'Offensive' Mural of Traditional Married Couple with Child 

TX: School suspends student who rushed asthmatic-stricken classmate to nurse's office 

TX: Dallas-area school punishes student for wearing American flag t-shirt 

TX McAllen School District punishes student for refusing to pledge allegiance to Mexico 

TX: Teacher pours pencil shavings into student's mouth 

TX: 6th graders given assignment to design flag for new socialist nation 

TX: San Antonio student refuses to wear high school-issued tracking device 

TX: Public schools teach Boston Tea Party patriots were terrorists 

TX: Texas university sued for race discrimination against white dean 

TX: Elementary School Teachers Direct Students to Beat 6-Year Old 

TX: School Misspells Own Name for Nine Years

TX: San Antonio Officials Criticize Students Who Chanted 'USA' During Basketball Game 

 VA: Judge sanctions school system in sexual misconduct lawsuit 

VA: Former Va Tech professor found guilty of fraud, false statements, obstruction  

VA: Washington & Lee University replaces pictures of Washington & Lee 

VA: Goochland County school board grilling homeschooled children over their religious beliefs 

VA: Fairfax School Officials Improperly Exempt Low-Performing Students from Achievement Exams to Artificially Boost Test Scores 

VA: Fairfax Teacher Instructs Student to Read Langston Hughes Poem 'Blacker' 

WA: University spent grant money on disallowed items including gifts 

WA: School Policy Sends Two Girls to Hospital 

WA: Alumni Protest Invitation to Anti-Semitic Tutu to Deliver Gonzaga University Commencement Address 

WV: Judge Orders End to Single-Sex Classes in Middle School 

WI: University official believes shoplifting is not a crime WI: Half of College Drug Treatment is for Alcohol 

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