U.S. Navy’s New Frigate Doesn’t Come With A Warranty 

IG: VA Wrongfully Denied $53 Million in Veterans’ Medical Claims 

USAGM Official Pleads Guilty to Stealing Government Funds 

NJ: Congressman Hit With Ethics Complaint For Allegedly Hiding Gift From Foreign Regime Known For Bribery  

CA: Congressman Had At Least Five Affairs, Court Filings Allege  

IG: Marine general 'bullied' subordinates, 'devalued women' 

Feds rely on commercial credit agencies to verify identities  

Immigration rules to protect US veterans are often ignored by DHS 

Pelosi's Bizarre Drug Price Negotiation Plan 

Navy Prosecutor Caught Sending Emails With Tracking Software To Reporters And Defense Attorneys 

Prosecutor accused of misconduct removed from Navy SEAL trial 

Postal Service Doesn’t Want You To Know Where Its Worst Drivers Are 

Former FBI top lawyer admits IG will find problems with FISA warrants 

GAO: New Army tactical vehicle “not operationally suitable”  

Report: DOJ IG found Carter Page FISA extensions were illegally obtained  

Hackers access FBI-affiliated websites to post personal info of agents and police officers 

Social Security Trust Fund. Bankrupt. 2035.  

Ex-Obama White House counsel indicted for alleged false statements 

USAF handed out more than 200 contracts worth $75 million in one week  

EPA’s Internal Watchdog Slams Agency for Failing To Fully Disclose Toxic Chemical Releases to Public 

IG: OSHA not following its own guidance 

DEA secretly subpoenaed records of money-counting machines & hid this info from courts 

Obama-appointed judge strikes down Trump executive order that overturns Obama executive order  

Flawed D.C.-area real estate decisions cost the GSA $50 million in one year 

Pentagon’s lobster dinner bill: Government waste or good food? 

Federal Agencies Admit To $1.2 Trillion In Improper Payments Since 2004 

Jared Kushner Used WhatsApp for White House Business  

IG: FEMA put 2.3M hurricane, wildfire survivors at risk of identity theft 

FBI tracked Michael Cohen's phones with controversial device  

USDA Scientists Fed Cat Hearts and Brains to Other Cats, Then Euthanized Them 

IG: Pentagon doesn't know where $2.1B was spent on F-35 parts 

Judge orders naming of U.S. attorney who had affair with subordinate 

GAO: Cybercom Facing Challenges to Train, Maintain Cyber Forces 

GAO: Retirement benefits for millions may be slashed without pension agency reforms 

IT guy at US govt fraud watchdog stole 16 computers from... US govt fraud watchdog 

GAO: Pentagon Watchdogs Allowed Some Improper Access to Whistleblower Files 

Feds splurge on lobster, pianos, golf carts in race to spend 'use it or lose it' budget 

GAO: Government had backlog of 565,000 security investigations last month 

U.S. Government Media Network Fires 8 Journalists Over Report Critical of Soros  

Rep Alexandra Ocasio-Cortex (NY-D) chief of staff ran $1M slush fund by diverting campaign cash to his own companies 

GAO: EPA officials delayed assessments of toxic chemicals 

National Security Agency Travelers Misspent $285,000, Watchdog Finds 

Former congressman ends political career in a cloud of disgrace 

LA: N.O.-area postal worker stashed 54 opened letters in car after stealing cash, gift cards: feds  

Watchdog has scathing report on handling of student loans  

IG: Prosecution Was Declined for Senior DOJ Official Who Sexually Assaulted a Subordinate  

US: Judge orders feds to list private groups receiving watchlist 

NY: Freshman Member of Congress doesn't appear to live in the district she represents  

Pentagon harbors culture of revenge against whistleblowers 

Dems 'absolutely' will take DOJ to court over Mueller report if necessary  

8 surprising times our intel community spied on US citizens  

Indian Health Service pediatrician molested young boys over decades 

Fatal experiments on dogs are happening at the VA 

Homeland Security IG says half of money spent on air marshals is wasted 

'Parking lot suicides' at VA hospitals prompt calls for better training, prevention efforts  

Pentagon Behind in Taking Action on Watchdog’s Recommendations  

State Department to Ambassadors: Stop Misusing Twitter  

DOJ to investigate plea bargain awarded to Clinton-linked sex offender Jeffrey Epstein 

Watchdog: Navy bought too many helicopters  

Pampered Cat Studies Costing Taxpayers More Than One Million Dollars 

NSA hasn’t filled all critical cybersecurity positions, IG says 

Nevada officials had no clue the federal government shipped plutonium to their state   

Study finds majority of low-income, SNAP-eligible students do not receive benefits  

Former postal worker in Minnesota sentenced to 90 days for theft  

Army’s big plans for new weapons at risk of waste, watchdog report says 

Feds want to keep money & property of people acquitted of drug trafficking 

GAO: Climate change causing migrants to leave their countries 

Feds Spend $246,070 Getting Kids to Stop ‘Emotional Eating’ by Meditating 

Democratic presidential candidate once compared homosexuality to bestiality 

US Navy sub commander demoted after hiring prostitutes in Philippines 

Freshman Democratic Congressman Tries To Bring Booze Onto House Floor   

DOD IG: Pentagon allowed $28B in available funds to expire   

Top Pentagon Spokeswoman Resigns on New Year's Eve Amid Internal Probe  

Feds Spend $1,788,748 on Virtual Reality Game for Young Gay Men  

Pentagon Doesn’t Know All the Software on Its Networks  

Videos show workers mistreating immigrant children at facility 

IG accuses Govt Publishing Office officials of cronyism, wasteful spending 

US: $114 million down the toilet: Summing up annual shaming report on egregious govt waste  

Miscue means some Federal Protective Service inspectors earned more than VP  

Mueller never attempted to recover Strzok & Page text messages before erasing cell phone data  

DoD Inspector General finds multiple flaws in missile defense system cybersecurity 

GAO: VA leaves nearly $5 million unused in 2018 campaign to battle suicide 

GAO: Navy training, certification improved — but sailors still report 100-hour workweeks  

GAO: USASpending.gov Needs Better Search and Better Data 

Federal Housing agency head accused of sexual harassment and retaliation  

FBI incapable of recovering all data from cell phones of rogue agents  

CBP Paid a Contractor $13.6 Million to Hire 2 Agents 

Special counsel under fire for double-standard on 'false statements'  

IG: HUD has serious management challenges  

Judge: Hillary Clinton’s use of private email server among ‘gravest’ offenses to transparency 

Senators call for investigation into non-prosecution of Jeffery Epstein 

DOD IG: Air Force failed 6 times to report Texas church gunman  

TSA employee loses whistle blower lawsuit 

GAO: New Medicare rates could boost lab costs by $11B  

Fed judge rules TSA may conduct detailed searches of airline pilots 

Federal EPA watchdog raises alert about sludge application  

Special counsel withheld exculpatory evidence from court  

Federal employee visited 9,000 porn sites in 7 months 

GAO: OPM failing to guide feds in performance management 

Police chief sentenced to 3 years for framing black people 

IG: VA Shorted Benefits to Some Vets with Lou Gehrig's Disease 

US Postal Service took one year to fix data breach revealing personal data of 60 million users 

One-third of recommendations made by GAO to OPM regarding biometric data still not fixed

Climate scientists rip new federal report on man-made global warming 

11-year old boy without boarding pass bypasses TSA & attempts to board jet 

Postal worker accused of stealing credit cards, smoking 'glass pipe' in mail truck 

Postal carrier accused of dumping 550 pieces of mail in storm drain

Pentagon spends $1B on first audit & fails

Postal Services loses $4 billion last year, cites rising personnel costs 

Pelosi thanks race-baiter Sharpton for 'saving America'

Sen Harris (D-CA) compares ICE to KKK

IG: 'No consistent evidence' $3B Social Security program assists disabled get work 

Comey was using personal email for FBI business when he cleared Clinton of doing the same 

Husband of California US Representative indicted for theft of public funds 

VA official sent to prison for stealing $680,000 from elderly veteran 

Former TSA official gets 15-years for child porn  

TSA behaves abusively toward passengers over a book one screener called 'f***ing disgusting' 

Snowden confirms authenticity of NSA document detailing illegal spying on Americans

Navy's newest & costliest aircraft carrier plagued with construction problems 

20,000 city residents received federal farm subsidies

DHS investigating allegations of racial discrimination at Coast Guard Academy 

'Operation Choke Point' targets banking of disfavored industries

IG: TVA misusing luxury aircraft 

FDIC isn't protecting sensitive information 

USAF general harassed subordinates, didn't report suicide attempts 

Top TSA official settles sexual harassment & retaliation case then gets promoted 

DOJ IG investigating FBI agents who lied about fatal shooting

Postal worker dumped mail in woods 

GSA took more than 2 years to notify victims of personal info lost in data breach

US Marshals violated rules in allowing terminated chief deputy to remain on the job 

AmeriCorps accused of rampant sexual harassment

NASA lost lunar rover, other equipment & space artifacts 

TSA retaliates against whistleblower 

Man accuses Sen Cory Booker (D-NJ) of sexual assault

Failures of Congress keep nuclear waste scattered across US

Judge 'shocked' DOJ gave immunity to Clinton aide who committed perjury and lied under oath

Democrats misjudged Kavanaugh attack strategy 

'Believe all women' rule doesn't apply to TSA victims 

GAO questions accuracy of FCC data on tribal broadband

IG: Navy fails to maintain oversight of supply ships

Senior NSA official disciplined for sexual misconduct at work continued that behavior

HUD Secretary announces new IG for Interior Dept, Interior replies 'no way'

IG: Interior Secretary's wife's travel violated policy

'Believe all women' rule doesn't apply to TSA victims 

Staff fired over allegations of abuse in immigration detention facility

NOAA official abused teen boy in his 'room of pain' 

Several FBI employees recalled from half dozen Asian cities over partying & prostitution claims

Sen Sherrod Brown (D-OH) caught-up in domestic abuse scandal

Homeland Security tells judge it believes it has authority to secretly install GPS trackers on cars crossing border

Navy commander fired after integrity called into question

IG: State Dept operates one of largest non-military aviation departments in federal government

Postal worker dumped cartons of mail on the street

TSA confiscates bullet-shaped ice cube containers

Senator claims Senate's constitutional "advise & consent" duties unconstitutional

Senator's husband awarded 57 govt tax credit contracts of nearly $275 million

Democratic House staffer arrested for "doxxing" Senators during Kavanaugh hearing

Report: TSA has "toxic leadership culture, misconduct, mismanagement, whistleblower retaliation and obstruction." 

FBI refuses to release documents detailing Clinton-Russia uranium deal

Grandson of WWII Enola Gay pilot denied USAF promotion after misconduct determinations

DOJ questions Philly's use of $15 million from 2016 DNC convention

Feinstein to be investigated over leaked Kavanaugh accuser letter

Individual using US House computer posted personal info of Republican Senators on Internet

Child pornography traced to Federal observatory

September is use-it-or-lose-it season in DC

US Senate candidate tells false life story

House contemplates legislation allowing DHS to shoot-down citizen drones

Democrats misjudged  Kavanaugh attack strategy

Obamacare enrollments continue to plunge 

Intel  community officials behind leaks to embarrass Trump 

More doubt on claims of Russian hacking 

Painting depicting cops as pigs hangs in US Capitol 

FBI agent faces felony charges for shooting at Michigan police officer 

Federal government spends $1.5 billion on PR each year 

Kerry's conflict-of-interest investment in Tibet 

Obama family vacations cost US taxpayers nearly $100 million 

Federal appeals court invites Trump AG to join Clinton email case 

Professor who called Trump election an "act of terrorism" faces backlash 

Energy Dept official fired for NOT lying to Congress 

Some Congressional GOP pushing to restore earmarks 

DEA paid nearly a quarter-billion dollars to informants in 5 years 

Congress curbs misuse of administrative leave 

Former Ambassador Wilson's 'embarrassing' emails to Clinton 

IRS illegally hires outside law firm to conduct tax audit 

Taxpayers may have paid travel expenses for Huma Abedin travel to & from personal job 

Clinton personally signed controversial deal permitting aide to simultaneously work for private company and US State Dept 

Five months worth of gaps in Clinton emails 

Federal agencies want access to citizens' emails without a warrant 

Feds protect identities and don't prosecute government employees trading in child porn 

Clinton ordered staffer to send classified material to her unclassified email 

NLRB redefines the term "employer," claims companies responsible for sub-contractors 

Sanders used campaign funds to give salaries to his family 

Judge pushes FBI to properly investigate Clinton email scandal 

IRS program allowed thieves to get nearly $40 million in false tax refunds 

IRS failed to search 5 of 6 locations for Lerner emails 

Kerry hasn't seen secret side-deal negotiated with Iran 

Uncollected IRS tax debt tops $380 billion 

Democrat-proposed law requires all handgun owners be licensed by federal government 

276 'sanctuary cities' released more than 17,000 criminal aliens 

FBI behind secret surveillance flights over US cities 

Obama Admin preps new gun regulations 

Justice Department studying social media use by 'far right'  

Fed judge might have been impeached if he didn't resign 

Judge: California may have executed an innocent man 

Police taser passenger who walks away from TSA checkpoint 

State Dept classifies emails from Clinton's private server 

Obama Admin role in the formation of ISIS 

Fed judge orders entire FBI raid sealed over objections of owner of seized truck 

Official: VA improperly spends $6 billion annually 

Judge orders State Dept to cease obstruction and hand-over Clinton emails in FOIA lawsuit 

Veteran working as private security officer jailed in Baltimore for 2 weeks, denied bail 

Nearly 1,000 IRS employees caught cheating on taxes weren't fired 

Attorney: DNI didn't lie to Congress; he merely forgot 

Judge orders hearing on the legal rights of chimpanzees 

Clinton Foundation filed 5 years of false tax returns while Hillary was Secretary of State 

Donors to Clinton Foundation coincidentally received awards from Hillary's State Department 

Documents show State Dept concerned over Bill Clinton's conflict-of-interest in Saudi Arabia 

GAO: Former IRS employees can still access your confidential tax records 

U.S. Intel drops Iran from terror watch list 

Obama Admin to end wartime veterans benefits 

Kerry -- who faked Purple Hearts during Vietnam -- compares himself to Churchill and Lincoln 

CIA director lecturing Muslim terrorists on how to practice Islam 

Propaganda: Obama Admin exaggerates size of Islamic casualties 

Obama cancels IRS help program for poor, funnels money to liberal activist groups 

FCC internet regulation order cuts Soros-funded, Marxist group 46 times 

U.S. Attorney in Oregon investigated for inappropriate relationship with subordinate 

DHS wasted $83 million annually in overtime pay scam 

Judge: Feds must restore bonus it rescinded from executive in charge of scandal-plagued VA hospital 

IG: Feds declined to prosecute illegal aliens for using dead people's social security numbers 

Holder used fake name email accounts 

Clinton's top two aids also used secret email accounts 

Clinton's secret email server located in New York City government building 

IG: State Dept archived only 61,000 of more than 1,000,000,000 messages in 2011 

Gaps of months and months exist in Clinton's secret emails 

State Dept provides political cover for Clinton's illegal emails 

Obamas' dozens of extravagant vacations have cost Americans tens of millions 

Obama White House knew of Clinton's illegal emails 

Clinton aides ran interference during Benghazi scrutiny 

Obama continues to fight against American energy independence 

Holder confesses 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' claim was false 

Obama Admin lied to federal judge about 100,000 amnesties 

Secret Clinton emails excluded from FOIA requests Federal judge rules illegal aliens properly expelled from US may return 

White House plan to legalize 15 million illegal aliens 

Obama VA Secretary becomes combative during Congressional testimony Fed judge sides with NSA in spying on Americans case 

FEC to craft new rules restricting political speech 

DHS operating hotlines for illegal aliens who believe rights violated 

Congressmen who decry 'the 1%' and 'income inequality' attend Grammy awards 

Millions will owe Obamacare tax penalty Early speeches of Obama's AG nominee show a race-baiting tilt 

GOP bill removes more border fence than it builds 

Obama lectures Europe to better integrate Muslims Obama asks tech companies to install 'back doors' to facilitate government spying 

White House: Obama to fight news organizations that publish anti-jihad articles 

FBI agent writes frank, scathing letter to AG Holder 

IRS still targeting conservative tax-exempt groups 

New emails show Lerner concerned secret IRS campaign targeting conservative groups could get discovered 

Obama snubs historic Paris anti-terror march; designee Holder skips out before event 

Federal judge strikes down ID theft law on basis it harms illegal aliens 

GAO: 63% of veteran suicide cases improperly processed by VA 

Obama AG nominee may have violated Crime Victims Restitution Act in $40 million fraud IG: Feds waste $43 billion each year 

More reports Pentagon paid a ransom in attempt to free Bergdahl 

Obama Admin violating own ObamaCare law by directing health insurers to 'hide' abortion fees 

Obama threatens to shut-down Homeland Security if Congress doesn't fully-fund his unconstitutional amnesty program 

Top officials fired over lavish GSA spending on exotic junkets reinstated with back pay Army couple's wedding relocated to make way for Obama's golf game 

Veteran suicide rate clouded by incomplete V.A. records 

Former FBI agent pleads guilty in bribery scheme 

NSA admits in Christmas Eve document dump it illegally spied on Americans 

Obama Admin funnels $1.5 million to group behind race-baiting rap video 

Here is the video 

More evidence IRS was targeting conservative and Jewish non-profits 

Obama amnesty plan an effort to increase Democrat voter rolls 

Former DOD employee sentenced to prison for health benefits fraud 

VA failing wounded veterans when it comes to prosthetic arms 

DOD bomb hunting unit spied on American citizens and companies 

Obama apologizes to Castro 

IRS threatens to delay 2015 tax return checks DEA employee charged in credit card fraud scheme CIA will not punish staff that hacked into Senate computers DHS spends half billion dollars on overtime Court case challenging constitutionality of NSA domestic spying program 

Obama: 'I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning' 

Lame-duck Congress passes bill loaded with special interest perks 

Federal government gives grant to study the sex habits of obese women 

ObamaCare 'wellness' programs violate Americans with Disability Act 

Whistleblowers: Obama Admin IGs engaged in cover-ups of wrongdoing 

1,000 investigations & 300 convictions of DHS employees for misconduct so far in 2014 

ObamaCare provides $3,000 incentive for employers to hire illegals over American workers 

CIA claims it lost over three weeks of FOIA requests 

White House may have illegally obtained confidential taxpayer info from IRS 

IRS employees who are tax deadbeats to get performance bonuses 

FEMA demanding thousands return Superstorm Sandy financial aid 

Obama Admin paid ransom to Taliban in Bergdahl release 

Obama claims Obamacare adviser Jon Gruber never worked on staff -- but he's featured in Obamacare ad 

The man Obama said had nothing to do with Obamacare was listed on the White House website 

Navy Secretary spent nearly $5 million in taxpayer money on travel Veterans Administration fails cybersecurity audit for 16th straight year 

1 in 5 government cybersecurity breaches traced back to federal employees 

Obama's attorney-general nominee was member of anti-semitic group 

Obama Admin drastically cuts cod fishing limits in New England 

SCOTUS to hear case challenging presidential signing statements 

Students boycott Michelle Obama's school lunch program 

Judge overturns Obama Admin's silly housing discrimination rule USDA pays $17,500 for college students to wear 'fat vests' in order to combat weight prejudice 

FBI breaks protocol by disclosing it's investigating Republican candidate in close election 

Government criteria used to identify Americans as potential terrorists 

DHS spent $30,000 on Starbucks coffee 

List of locations around U.S. where ICE has placed criminal aliens 

Investigator of Secret Service prostitution scandal embroiled in own prostitution scandal 

Obamacare premiums to skyrocket up to 78% 

IRS seizes bank accounts without any proof a crime has been committed 

Obama's border security policy: man killed two deputies was twice deported 

U.S. dramatically increases rejection of Israeli visa applications  

USAID removed critical aspects from IG report 

Feds spend $1 million to track Twitter hashtag #TeaParty 

DHS official caught selling U.S. citizenships 

Yet another Obama Admin decision delayed until AFTER mid-term elections 

Obama to delay nominating new attorney-general until AFTER mid-term election 

DHS IG gets paid to stay home 

CIA IG admits agency spied on Senate committee 

Obama uses same federal law to justify Syria air strikes he asked to have repealed only two months earlier 

Obama's incredibly disrespectful salute to Marine guards 

Obama Admin takes steps to punish US companies that move overseas 

F-35 operating costs 79% higher than previous fighter aircraft 

US judge who allegedly beat his wife to escape prosecution in deal with prosecutors 

IRS claims emails of 5 more employees embroiled in corruption scandal 'lost' 

Obama blames media for the 'optics' of him playing golf after US journalist is beheaded 

Obama blames immigrant children for opposition to his amnesty plan 

Federal government issues instructions on how to roast marshmallows 

V.A. training program belittles veterans 

Obama blames concern over growing world crises on social media 

Federal judge rules minimum-acceptable medical standards for Texas abortion clinics is unconstitutional 

Court: male officers may videotape female inmates being strip-searched but must avert gaze 

A majority of federal IGs are complaining about Obama Admin obstruction 

Federal court rules ban on polygamy unconstitutional 

Ten federal agencies sued over White House obstruction of FOIA requests 

DOJ gives Bank of America settlement money to liberal groups with White House ties 

Feds warn of imminent attack coming from Obama's open border policy 

White House officials attend Brown funeral but none attended Army general's funeral 

GAO: Obama's Bergdahl-terrorist swap 'illegal' 

IRS put millions of taxpayers at risk for identity fraud 

How ObamaCare is hurting public education 

Member of national mayors against guns group charged with bribery 

Study: 'Cash for Clunkers' actually hurt, not helped auto industry 

Kerry calls man-made global warming the biggest challenge of our day 

Judge doesn't accept implausible reason given by IRS for 'lost' Lerner emails 

Government employees union says joining ObamaCare could 'hurt' its members 

HHS official directed employee to 'delete this email' in violation of federal law 

During most unstable and dangerous time in years, Kerry  goes on man-made global warming junket 

Nation's most lenient federal judges to begin hearing fast-track immigration cases 

Corruption allegations at the FCC 

Surveillance court judge blasts NSA 'overcollection' of private data 

Study: 2 million forced into retirement since 2009 

Nevada family gets $1.2 million hospital bill over ObamaCare typo 

Inspector Generals allege Obama Admin obstructs investigations 

Government credit card abuse PSA FBI awards $500 million no-bid contract Federal judge arrested for assualting wife 

IG: 200,000 weapons missing in Afghanistan 

Patent Office pays employees to watch TV and walk dogs 

Biden doesn't realize 'Africa' is a continent and not a nation 

Alleged serial killer set to be released on parole 

$619 billion missing from federal transparency website 

Armed federal agents raid home over suspected EPA emissions violations 

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee cosponsored bill calling for impeachment of Bush that she claimed never happened 

California insurance commissioner admits premiums cost as much 88% more under ObamaCare 

Feds house illegal aliens in 'suites' with flat-panel TVs 

Homeland Security sends six-vehicle raid to home to confiscate a single-car with questionable VIN 

IRS official referred to Republicans and conservatives as 'assholes' and 'terrorists' 

Cuomo administration attempted to cover-up its role in Ethics Commission scandal 

Missing emails may be on recently discovered back-up tapes the IRS claimed didn't exist 

Takes man 3 months to cancel ObamaCare policy 

White House criticizes anonymous sources the same day White House officials spoke to press as anonymous sources 

On open mic Kerry caught mocking Israel Judge rules for $23.6 billion fine in tobacco case 

Questions raised in nearly two-year old investigation of Petraeus 

Obama's 'Dream Act' has encouraged countless minors to board 'The Beast' death train 

Judge rules that a Florida congressional district with an incumbent black Democrat was drawn to favor Republicans 

Judge blasts ATF for entrapment case against man with no criminal history 

Two-thirds of illegal alien minors approved for asylum 

Nationwide protests over Obama Admin's illegal alien settlement program 

Feds propose opening luxury resort for illegal alien minors 

Federal judge bans use of 'Redskins" in a case involving the Redskins 

Federal 'employee of the year' accused of mail theft 

GAO: Federal government made $106 billion in improper payments in 2013 

GAO: Pentagon overpaid for 100 million barrels of fuel 

Major 'disarray' at Philadelphia VA facility 

VA mishandled reports at Baltimore facility

Pentagon sends 'pink slips' to military deployed in combat zones 

Second federal judge orders IRS to testify under oath regarding 'missing' emails 

Judge orders IRS to answer under oath regarding 'missing' emails 

Veterans Administration investigated for retaliating against 67 whistleblowers 

Nurse: VA staff stole morphine from dying veterans 

HHS muzzles the media in restrictive "visit" of illegal alien detention facility 

Durbin blames illegal alien influx on George Bush 

HHS to spend an additional $1.4 billion on Healthcare.gov 

More possible legal trouble on the horizon for ObamaCare 

US Patent Office stripped Redskins trademark in spite of not receiving a single public complaint 

NSA spied on more Americans than foreigners; massive domestic spying growth under Obama 

House Ethics Committee reverses it's secret decision to exempt officials from reporting free trips 

Whistleblower: VA ignored veterans in order to work on ObamaCare 

GAO: IRS overpaid employees for work not performed 

Federal Reserve not complying with federal guidelines in holding conferences 

Postal workers using government debit cards for personal purchases 

Border Patrol agent turns whistle blower on Obama campaign to aid and abet illegal aliens 

Veteran dies on VA property while officials insist an ambulance transport him 500 yards to ER entrance 

Dept of Energy to 'invest' $4 billion in man-made global warming projects 

Air Force threatens journalist for reporting on illegal aliens 

Border Patrol agents accused of abusing immigrant  children 

While ignoring veterans, the VA spent $420 million on 'green energy' programs 

EPA spending $1.6 million on a high-end hotel for a conference 

Obama's legacy: ISIS declares a new Islamic caliphate 

GM has recalled over 3 million cars in 2014 and the year is only half over 

Obama completely disengaged in rapidly declining world stability 

Federal government threatening to seize Native American tribal lands under 'eminent domain' maneuver 

EPA employees clogging toilets and defecating in hallways 

Even the liberal justices Obama appointed to the Supreme Court ruled his actions were unconstitutional  

Obama requests military aid for Syrian Islamists that are attacking Iraqi government Supreme Court rules 9-0 against Obama's unconstitutional NLRB appointments 

Economy shrank 2.9% in 1st quarter; largest drop in years 

Fed judge rules Indiana must allow gay marriage 

Common Core using sex appeal to sell merits of the standards 

86 million workers pay for 148 million receiving federal benefits 

Emails reveal stunning improper coordination among IRS, DOJ, FEC and Democratic members of Congress 

Emails reveal Congressman Cummings embroiled in IRS targeting scandal 

Seymour Hersh: Obama's 'rat line' ATF agents convince low IQ man to get a taxpayer-funded tattoo on his neck 

Fed judge rejects amicus curiae brief by 5 Democrat and Republican attorneys-general in McDonnell trial 

Toomey pushing legislation requiring regular background checks on all school employees 

ATF agent accuses federal prosecutors of lying in Reno case 

$6 billion in State Dept funds are missing during Hillary tenure 

HHS initiated ObamaCare enrollment applications on individuals without their knowledge 

77,000 empty federal buildings cost taxpayers at least one billion dollars annually 

White House wants to regulate cow flatulence. For real. 

Obama admits he had a failed Syria policy 

Feds asked to investigate possible corruption in Hawaii's failed healthcare exchange 

Obama eliminates two of the most successful & cost-effective Navy weapons programs Watchdog: U.S. one of the worst offenders of Internet freedom 

Government makes false statements to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court 

Holder and others took nearly 400 personal flights on government aircraft 

The biggest ObamaCare scandal you've never heard about 

Staff fed-up with Obamas at taxpayer-funded $8,350 per night Chinese suite 

GAO to investigate 'Cover Oregon' state healthcare exchange 

NY housing authority spent federal money on sports tickets and beer 

TSA orders half-ton of dynamite 

Will IRS secretly withhold some of Lerner's emails? 

Fed judge says FAA lacks authority to ban commercial drones 

CIA accused of spying on US Senate 

Obama offers warning to Russia then jokes about nuclear war 

Feds fund romance novel documentary 

Reid calls ObamaCare victims 'liars' 

IRS targeting of conservative groups has accelerated since last year 

VA official lies in House testimony regarding veterans' deaths 

IG: National Reconnaissance Office routinely commits classification errors 

Dem running for Senate threatens TV station broadcast licenses Feds spend $175,000 to observe 'swimming abilities' of fish 

Fed judge rules driver license snooping not unconstitutional 

DHS backs off plan to launch nationwide vehicle tracking database 

US ranks 46th in world press freedom 

Demonstrating once again that he is a total clown John Kerry calls man-made global warming 'weapon of mass destruction' 

Why she is dangerous: The Hillary Papers 

Gallup: federal employees love the economy the rest of the nation hates Obama unilaterally delays another section of ObamaCare law 

National Guard trains to battle Second Amendment supporters 

Judge admits wrongly convicting innocent man because he was white 

Federal watchdog: NSA domestic spying program is illegal 

Moody’s downgrades outlook for insurance industry to negative, thanks to ObamaCare 

IRS investigating conservative Hollywood group for two years 

Judge rules sperm donor to lesbian couple owes child support 

Norwegian newspaper: Obama's choice of “Future US envoy displays total ignorance of Norway” 

Able-bodied adults without dependents is fastest growing group to receive food stamps 

Woman spends six weeks attempting to leave ObamaCare 

2014: the year of ObamaCare sticker shock 

The sad reality of ObamaCare by the numbers 

Gay advocacy group: Obamacare ad makes us look like ‘sex-crazed lechers’ 

Obama Admin funds pornography 'art' project 

Report: U.S. to release spy Jonathan Pollard 

Obamas' Christmas card makes no mention of Christmas 

US spent $11.5 million on Obama's 13-hour visit to South Africa 

Christie to allow illegal aliens to get in-state tuition rates not available to citizens 

Judge: DHS smuggling children to illegal alien parents 

Paul Ryan-engineered 'bipartisan budget' cuts military pensions 

Washington healthcare exchange charging bank accounts for non-existent insurance   

Federal judge encourages use of racial discrimination 

41% of new jobs in November were government jobs 

Testimony: ObamaCare website users 'Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy' 

Is 'pre-existing conditions' coverage the newest Obama lie? 

Iran foreign minister alludes to deceiving Obama Administration over nuclear deal 

Obama defends IRS targeting of conservative groups 

More evidence of Obama's lie about Americans keeping their doctors 

Criminal illegal alien -- who also happens to be Obama's uncle -- gets to remain in US 

Obama met with Sebelius only one time in 3-1/2 years 

New & improved ObamaCare website crashes during demonstration on CNN 

Obama foreign policy: turning victory into defeat in Afghanistan 

Woman battling cancer loses company health insurance due to ObamaCare 

Cancer patient who criticized ObamaCare gets audited by the IRS 

NSA spied on porn habits in order to discredit radicalizers 

Obama reveals his inner racist 

Obama foreign policy fail: Iran announces indigenous ballistic missile capability 

Welfare recipient says 'working is stupid' 

GAO: Medicare lacks info on fraud response 

GAO: Energy Dept needs to improve accountability of "work for others" campaign 

$38 billion spent on the unused Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage facility 

DHS overtime abuse costs taxpayers millions of dollars 

Capitol Hill staffers stunned at the high cost of ObamaCare 

Poll: the uninsured are the least likely to consider ObamaCare coverage 

DC spent $134 million to enroll 5 people into ObamaCare 

Holder spent more than $400,000 on awards ceremonies to recognize good workers 

Seniors losing Medicare coverage due to ObamaCare 

Federal trial over prison guards using pepper spray on mentally-ill inmates 

NSA spied on the pope 

Goldman Sachs: investing in the next president 

Poll: 37% think zombies would do better job of running government 

Federal govt threatens to prosecute novelty store owner over t-shirts 

Overtime abuse at DHS costs taxpayers millions of dollars 

Federal employees with security clearances owe $85 million in back taxes 

Postal worker accused of stealing mail 

Only six people registered for ObamaCare on first day 

Obama mega-donor firm hired to fix the mess it created with ObamaCare 

Nation's top hospitals opting out of ObamaCare 

More bad news on State Dept's Benghazi security arrangements 

Obama orders government to prepare for 'manmade global warming ' in Friday  executive order 

ObamaCare toll-free operator identifies media, refuses to answer questions 

Obama's EBT program a windfall for JP Morgan bank 

Sebelius testifies ObamaCare website never crashed simultaneously as website crashes 

ObamaCare lists Brooklyn cupcake shop as enrollment location 

Nearly one-half of New York doctors opting out of ObamaCare 

ObamaCare secret: it decreases competition and drives up cost 

The bizarre You Tube video of NSA director 

ObamaCare skyrocketing rates shock Californians 

Post Office honors pederast with commemorative stamp 

As much as 75% of individuals will lose healthcare due to ObamaCare 

Dem on ObamaCare: We'll own this problem forever 

Obama Admin pushing for new 'girly' Marine uniform hats 

Rangel: Members of Congress entitled to special ObamaCare subsidies 

700 IRS contractors owe million in back taxes 

US Army labels Christians, Tea Party terrorist threat 

More people are riding in the wagon than are pulling it 

Why allied leaders hate Obama 

Armed agents seize records of newspaper reporter 

GAO: Federal employees go on 'coffee breaks' during evacuation drills 

Obama's 'you can keep your insurance' claim a big lie 

SBA failed to collect $750 million in defaulted loans 

It's now rather obvious ObamaCare 1-800F1UCKYO toll-free number was no accident 

US Army labels Christian ministry a 'domestic hate group' 

Bailed-out GM shipping jobs overseas 

Pelosi asks why reporters are questioning pork barrel spending 

'Fast and Furious' grenades used to kill police officers 

Red states' experience the majority of ObamaCare's highest rate hikes 

IG: Top NLRB lawyer violated ethics rules in a blatant conflict-of-interest 

Officer claims he was discharged from Air Force after Congressional pressure 

Sebelius too busy attending party to testify on ObamaCare failures 

Not disclosing the true cost of ObamaCare premiums 

Ohio judge tells man he must remain declared dead although he's still alive 

Texas judge sued after sending teen to live with registered sex offender who was later raped 

IRS political operative gave confidential taxpayer info to White House 

Common Core exam questions for children include inappropriate material 

ATF attempts to block publishing of whistleblower book 

Government's 'spend it or lose it' mentality 

Democrats hire union thugs to protest WWII veterans at war memorial 

ObamaCare Facebook page riddled with sticker shock comments 

Obama-appointed judge approves delay in two-year contempt case against Holder 

Fed judge: City employees and retirees entitled to bonuses in bankrupt Detroit 

Applicants on Kentucky ObamaCare site Kentucky have no “expectation of privacy” 

Healthcare website is a POS 

Obama wades into Washington football team name politics 

Reid cannot pass spending measures in Senate but passes 'National Chess Week' bill 

Shutdown includes only 17% of government operations 

Liberal NYT reporter: Obama has "most closed, control-freak administration" 

Navigating the nightmare called 'ObamaCare' 

Libya demands answers from US after raid 

Obama Admin closes Iwo Jima Memorial 

FBI agents engage in improper contact with terror-related Muslim group 

Yet another IRS scandal 

EPA's propaganda campaign 

GAO: Fed government may have wasted more than $320 million on duplicative investments 

IG questions accuracy of IRS 'tax gap' 

US overpaid disability by $1.3 billion 

Gallup: Public "trust and confidence" at record low under Obama 

Judge questioned NSA's domestic spying program in 2009 

Lerner emails show IRS specifically targeted conservative groups 

ObamaCare data hub review blasted 

Four years in federal office hasn't fixed FOIA backlog 

GAO: Unreliable wait times at US-Mexico border crossings 

Airman faces possible court martial for refusing to say he supports gay marriage 

Obama Admin lifted Bush-imposed restrictions on NSA snooping on Americans 

Energy Dept loses millions of dollars on ANOTHER failed green energy company 

White House considering giving ObamaCare subsidies to labor unions 

National Park Service demands churches get permits for baptisms 

New York IG Report: State employees behave badly 

DHS employee behind race war website on paid leave 

NSA employees spied on their love interests 

V.A. gave doctors bonus pay not tied to performance 

Report: NSA employees deliberately abused their powers 

Senior Democrat likens US media to Nazi propagandists 

GAO questions Navy's littoral combat ship 

DHS employee tells blacks to prepare for war with whites 

75% of the jobs created in 2013 are part-time due to ObamaCare 

Oregon to 'rehabilitate' companies opposed to gay marriage 

More revelations about NSA spying on Americans and not disclosing to FISA court 

NSA has capacity to spy on 75% of domestic US communications 

DC government to subsidize pot use by poor 

University slashes health benefits due to ObamaCare 

ObamaCare negatively impacting businesses across the US 

Gallup: Unemployment rate jumped from 7.7% to 8.9% in only 30 days 

ObamaCare forced nearly every firm in one town to go to part-time workers 

Judge secretly monitored employees 

Propaganda? HHS offers cash to creators of pro-ObamaCare videos 

Military judge bars prosecutors from introducing motive in Ft Hood shooting 

Treasury is hiding IG report on IRS violating privacy rules 

NSA broke privacy rules thousand of times according to audit 

Feinstein defends NSA over privacy violations 

Fed judge tosses ban of Sharia law in Oklahoma courts 

Convicted felon Jackson, Jr. to receive more than $100,000 in annual disability payments plus $45,000 pension 

Paper: NSA spied on American thousands of times each year 

Investigative journalist was investigating CIA director before dying in fiery single-car crash 

Obama Admin quietly issues another ObamaCare delay 

GAO: US wasting billions in Afghanistan 

Study: US debt is $70 trillion 

NOAA to shut-down hundreds of rigged 'hot' weather stations 

'Sequestration-caused government furloughs' are virtually non-existent 

Eric Holder apologizes for lying to the public 

US taxpayers pay $1.5 million to help Brazilian women quit smoking 

US Senator participated in simulated sheep rape ritual 

Two Chicago Congressmen targeted in Zimbabwe bribery scheme 

Judge rejects restoring FOIA to National Security Council 

Whistleblower: IRS still targeting conservative groups 

Feds give millions in contracts to fictitious people 

ObamaCare forces healthcare premiums to skyrocket 

Members of Congress, staff get special healthcare subsidies 

Federal agents directed to cover-up possibly illegal searches 

US debt obligations top $70 trillion 

GAO: DHS lost one million visitors to US 

Feds show up after family 'Googles' "pressure cooker" and "backpack" 

Journalist gets three free 'Obama phones' 

Federal workers got $155 million to work for labor unions 

Bad bosses at CIA drive-out employees 

DHS official, Rodham and McAuliffe embroiled in visa scandal 

$22 million in farm subsidies went to dead people 

Obama Admin wants to create 'nudge' squads to influence behavior 

Obama: corporate tax rate should be 28% while small business tax rate should be 40% 

Appeals court rejects religious exemption over birth control mandate 

Judge orders North Carolina to pay PETA's legal fees 

IRS employees who will monitor ObamaCare compliance don't want it 

Obama snubs democracy forces in Egypt forcing country to consider ropping US support for Russia 

U.S. judge denies subpoena to get emails between Dept of Education official and advocacy group 

Benghazi hero waited 20 hours for help while Obama partied in Las Vegas 

IG to investigate IRS abuse of Senate candidate's tax records 

Taxpayers paid for IRS executives commuting costs 

Obama Admin to pursue race quotas in neighborhood makeup 

GAO: Fed's 'green jobs' training has fallen short of goals 

DHS IG misspent money on 'site visits' that personally benefited official 

Fed Judge orders Ohio to recognize gay couple's Maryland marriage 

Family health insurance premiums increase $1975 since ObamaCare passage 

McCain clueless that immigration bill he sponsored permitted passport forgeries 

$300 million community organizing slush fund buried in immigration bill 

Detroit not the only city under a mountain of debt 

Did Obama green light the execution of George Zimmerman? 

IRS political appointee schedules White House meeting one day after IRS meeting on Tea Party 

Obama Admin ignores death threats against Zimmerman while advocating for protection of Martin family 

NSA domestic spying program was not intent of Patriot Act 

Tea Party review cases were sent to Obama's only IRS political appointee 

Benghazi survivors forces to sign non-disclosure agreements 

IRS chief counsel embroiled in IRS scandal is a major Democrat donor 

GAO: $100 billion wasted on bogus payments annually 

Judge bans Gitmo detainee inspection practices used by TSA on airline passengers 

White House officials met with Muslim cleric urging Pakistan support for terrorism 

Child pornography traced to Federal observatory

September is use-it-or-lose-it season in DC

US Senate candidate tells false life story

House contemplates legislation allowing DHS to shoot-down citizen drones

 Fed judge rules TSA may conduct detailed searches of airline pilots    

GAO: Navy training, certification improved — but sailors still report 100-hour workweeks  

 Pentagon Doesn’t Know All the Software on Its Networks   

Feds want to keep money & property of people acquitted of drug trafficking 

US: Judge orders feds to list private groups receiving watchlist DEA secretly subpoenaed records of money-counting machines & hid this info from courts 

Social Security Trust Fund. Bankrupt. 2035.   

Pelosi's Bizarre Drug Price Negotiation Plan 

 U.S. Navy’s New Frigate Doesn’t Come With A Warranty 

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