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AL: Auburn police department institutes quota system 

AL: All Tuscaloosa County Judges and Prosecutor Recuse Themselves in Sex Abuse Case Against County Employee 

AL: Two Jurisdictions Fail to Disclose How Stimulus Money Spent 

AL: Jefferson County Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Names Thousands of Govt Workers as Creditors 

AL: Bayou Le Batre Mayor Indicted on Fraud Charges 

AL: Montgomery Jury Continues Deliberations in Government Corruption Trial 

AR: Little Rock Police Officer Charged in Fatal Shooting 

AR: Judge Orders Phillips County Sheriff to Enter Warrants in Database 

AR: Sexual Abuse Alleged at Faulkner County Courthouse 

AR: Malvern School Instructs 11-Year Old to Not Score Touchdowns

AZ: Gilbert teacher gives 4th graders assignment on marital infidelity 

AZ: Local Govt Cracks Down on Free Speech 

AZ: Phoenix and the BCS Bowl 

AZ: Pima County Shuts Down Church-run Soup Kitchen for Poor for Lack of County Permit 

CA: IG report slams Los Angeles County sheriff’s department for singling-out Latinos in drug stops  

CA: Typhus outbreak in rat-infested L.A. City Hall  

CA: IG: L.A. County Sheriff’s Move to Reinstate Deputy Accused of Domestic Abuse ‘Radical’  

CA: Oakland mayor insists she 'did the right thing' in tipping off illegal immigrants about ICE raid 

CA: L.A. City Councilman Wants to Force Movie Theaters to Sell Tofu Dogs  

CA: Videos contradict police account in fatal shooting of a man

CA: Judge charged with misconduct over gifts to court clerk 

CA: Judge rules LA's parking ticket review process improper 

CA: LA school district's $1 billion student iPad disaster 

CA: California gun control advocate arrested in gun trafficking case 

CA: LA sheriffs kill 80-year old in bed over mistaken meth lab raid 

CA: Nevada County orders church to remove 'Support our Troops' sign 

CA: Judge orders media to remove cameras from courtroom after refusing his order they provide video feed to prosecutor's office 

CA: Santa Clara County employee told she must leave workplace before saying anything deemed critical of Obama 

CA: Notorious UC Davis cop who pepper-sprayed students given$38,000 for emotional suffering 

CA:Two years after bankruptcy Vallejo is back in financial trouble 

CA: San Bernadino elementary school ends policy of students kneeling before principal 

CA: Los Angeles police destroyed case files pertinent to law enforcement lawsuits 

CA: Moreno Valley school board member convicted of running prostitution ring 

CA: Berkeley Councilman proposes email tax to fund US Post Office 

CA: Former San Diego mayor steals millions from charity 

CA: Emeryville police chief: firearm a defensive weapon 'a myth' 

CA: LAPD and media promote fake 'rocket launcher" seizure 

CA: LA City Council votes 12-0 to urge citizens to become vegetarian 

CA: Bell City Official Sues for $837,000 for Unused Sick Leave, Vacation Time 

CA: Hermosa Beach Meter Maids Make $100,000 a Year 

CA: Poway School District Spends $1 Billion to Borrow $100 Million 

CA: It's Official -- San Berdoo Goes Bankrupt 

CA: Stockton on Brink of Bankruptcy 

CA: San Diego Teachers Permit Students to Watch Porn, Masturbate as 'Gay Test' 

CA: Stockton to Become Largest City to Declare Bankruptcy 

CA: Oakland Police Dept Too Busy to Respond to Calls 

CA: Berkeley Police Chief Sends Officer to Reporter's Home After Midnight to Protest News Article 

CA: Los Angeles Spends $489,000 in Federal Money to Renovate VIP Yacht  

CA: San Fran Sued for Overcharging Public for Park Use 

CA: LA School Students Toss-Out Michelle Obama's Healthy Lunch Choices 

CA: LA Mayor Proposes Budget Cuts to Offset Occupy LA Costs 

CA: San Bernadino High School Uses Soros-funded Website to Indoctrinate Students 

CA: Students Recite Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish 

CA: Glendale Bans Fake Lawns 

CA: ACLU Supports Muslim Prayer in San Diego Public Schools 

CA: Sonoma County Bans Smoking Inside Apartments and Condos 

CA: San Diego Orders Removal of 'Religious' Banners in Classroom 

CA: San Francisco Pushing for Billion-Dollar 'Big Dig' 

CA: L.A. Teachers' Union Stays at Expensive Resort for Meeting 

CA: Bay Area Rapid Transit Disabled Cell Phones to Thwart Protest Over Police Shooting

CA: LA County Gaffe Almost Cost Generous Citizen Dearly 

CA: SF Govt Retirees Earn Double non-Govt Retirees 

CA: Racially Diverse Soquel High School Students Suspended for being 'White Supremacists' 

CA: LA County Govt Retiree Gets $500K Annually in Spite of Fraud Conviction 

CA: SF Whistleblower Program 'Broken' 

CA: L.A. Govt Officials Receive 'Gold Card' Traffic Ticket Treatment 

CA: San Bernadino County Officials Indicted in Corruption Probe 

CA: San Francisco Awards No-Bid Garbage Collection Contracts 

CA: Feds Revoke Bail for Former San Diego Councilman Convicted of Corruption 

CA: New Corruption Charges for Bell City Administrator and Assistant 

CA: National City Declares 700 Properties 'Blighted' in Order to Build Condos 

CA: Sacramento Building 'Congregating' Area with Stimulus Funds 

CA: San Jose Public Employee Unions Insist Councilman Hire $70,000 Secretary He Doesn't Need 

CA: Beverly Hills Has Election Ballot Measure for Govt-Subsidized Parking 

CA: Napa County Proposes Personalized Vanpool Service to Govt Employees 

CA: LA Schools May Lay-off 5,000 to Close $400 Million Budget Deficit

CA: LA Spends $500 Million to Build One School 

CA: Berkeley to Pay for Sex Change Operations 

CA: Dozens of Cities Charging Public 'Crash Tax' for Responding to Accidents 

CA: Vista City May Turn-off Street Lights Due to Budget Crunch

CA: LA Spent $111 Million in Stimulus Funds to Create 55 Jobs 

CA: Cal Berkeley Police Accost Photographer for Taking Their Photos 

CA: Auditor of Bell City Under Review for Missing Scandals 

CA: East Palo Alto Police to Scan Every License Plate

CA: San Francisco Considers Banning Circumcisions

CA: Rancho Cucamonga Councilman Convicted in Fraud Case

CO: Greeley County DA asks court to drop perjury charges against police officer who lied in murder case that wrongly convicted an innocent man 

CT: Bridgeport voters again elect former mayor after completing 7 year prison sentence for corruption 

CT: Court Rules Lawyers Have 'Absolute Immunity' in Fraud Cases 

DC: Former Employee Pleads Guilty to Scheme Involving Over $1.4 Million Fraud 

DC: AG overruled police and wouldn't charge NBC's Gregory for possessing illegal gun clip 

DC: Permit denied to bikers to conduct 'ride-thru' in DC on 9/11 

DC: Government forecloses on and leaves homeless a retired Marine who owed $134 back taxes 

DC: Metro officials rip out 1,000 flowers adorning subway stop 

DC: Judge bans anti-abortion protestor from DC 

DC: Attorney-General who refused to charge NBC anchor for gun law violation was personal friend 

DC: Public Schools Cost Nearly $30,000 Per Pupil 

DC: Police Jail Motorists for Expired License Plates 

DC: Former IG Official Sentenced for Fraud 

DC: Numerous Govt Officials in Corruption Scandals 

DC: Firefighter Sentenced for Fraud 

DC: Mayor's Ally Implicated in Contract Scandal 

FL: Lantana mayor solicits sex in exchange for speed bumps 

FL: Audit finds wasteful spending at Palm Beach County water board 

FL: Hillsborough judge arrested on domestic violence charge 

FL: Harmony elementary school suspends 2nd grader for playing with imaginary gun 

FL: Polk County schools scanned students' irises without parental permission 

FL: Ft Myers school suspends teen who wrestled away loaded gun from teen suspect 

FL: Photo of George Zimmerman prosecutors refused to release to defense counsel for 9 months 

FL: Tampa school goes in lock-down over mercury-filled thermometer 

FL: Judge recommend dismissal of ethics violation against Tallahassee mayor who voted in favor of businesses with whom he had ties FL: Port St. Lucie Election Supervisor Acting Contrary to Law 

FL: Lake County Police Go to Wrong Apartment and Shoot Innocent Man 

FL: Indian River County Employees Reap Windfalls for Unused Sick Leave 

FL: 300 New, Never Used Vehicles Found 5 Years After 'Storage' 

FL: Miami-Dade Opening Video Game-Themed Magnet School 

FL: Sarasota Citizens Want to Expand Public Access of Official Emails 

FL: Sarasota Citizens Want to Expand Public Access of Official Emails 

FL: Broward Officials Meet in Private to Decide $1 Billion Waste Contract 

FL: Public School's 'Green Bathrooms' Become 'Rivers of Urine

FL: Charlotte County Teacher Sold Grades to Students 

FL: Jacksonville Police Confiscate Police Scanners from Media 

FL: Lake County 'Teacher of the Year' Loses Classroom Job Over Innocuous Facebook Posting 

FL: Broward County's $2 Million Unfinished & Unneeded School Building 

FL: Florida Professor and Wife Committed Fraud in Obtaining Govt Contracts 

FL: Broward County Sheriff Spent $1.6 Million on Personal Office 

FL: Sarasota County Whistleblower Alleges Govt Corruption 

FL: Cape Coral Fire Trucks in Need of Repair 

FL: Orlando Job Center Gave Super Hero Capes to Unemployed Seeking Work 

FL: Cities Balk at Paying Costs for Palm Beach County IG 

FL: Lake Wales Mayoral Candidate is former KKK Grand Dragon 

FL: Scandal-plagued Official to Receive Public Service Award 

FL: Orange County Govt Guilty of Waste 

FL: Orlando County Hires Retired Fire Fighters for Questionable Jobs 

FL: Pembroke Pines to Spend $1 Million on 9/11 Memorial 

FL: Sanford Closes City Hall for 11 Days 

FL: Broward County Libraries Waste Energy 

GA: Atlanta suspends fire chief for being openly Christian 

GA: Warner-Robins school suspends 4th-grader for bringing 'weapon' to school 

GA: Teacher Helps 5th Graders Cheat on Exam 

GA: Cobb County Wasting Money Hiring Consultants 

GA: Milledgeville Police Handcuff 6-Year Old Over Tantrum in School GA: Cops Paralyze Young Man from Neck Down

HI: Judge Orders Release Of More Records In Case Of HPD Officer Who Beat Girlfriend 

HI: City Officials in Alleged Corruption 

ID: Judge rules school district must release records regarding separation payment 

IA: Police blow-out tires of pregnant woman in labor and hold her at gunpoint 

IA: White Militants Portrayed as Terrorists in State Drills 

IL: FBI raids office of Chicago alderman 

IL: Chicago politician arrested for filing false police report 

IL: Chicago Inspector General Says Aldermen 'Asleep On The Job' After Failing To Call Hearings On School Police  

IL: Chicago police commander has officers babysit his children 

IL: Chicago Board Of Elections Is A Mess 

IL: Chicago school police officers reassigned after using stun gun on teen girl  

IL: Portage mayor's bribery & corruption trial gets underway 

IL: Chicago officials accused of trading O’Hare overtime, equipment and jobs for political work  

IL: Former Chicago employee convicted of stealing from city 

IL: Evanston spent $700K on lobbying in spite of $7.4M budget deficit

IL: Chicago releases murder rate numbers 

IL: Chicago mayor's office, police collude with 'independent investigation body' on police shooting of unarmed teen 

IL: Chicago taxes "cloud" services 

IL: Chicago Public Schools employee committed $870,000 fraud 

IL: Emanual Admin exaggerated claims of Chicago's red-light cameras 

IL: Chicago school suspends 11-year old for turning in broken toy gun 

IL: Skokie police officer smashes woman's face without any provocation 

IL: New Chicago comptroller indicted for bribery and money laundering as an Ohio official 

IL: Calumet City IG has done nothing in two years 

IL: Chief of Chicago teachers union goes on racist rant against 'rich white people' 

IL: The unholy alliance between Chicago officials and street gangs 

IL: Chicago has so many unsolved murders it's posting photos of unclaimed bodies online 

IL: Chicago public school follows lead of Iran and bans 'Islamophobic' book' 

IL: Chicago schools require sex education be taught to all K-12 students 

IL: Police chief of Chicago -- nation's most-violent city -- criticizes 2nd Amendment 

IL: Chicago has nation's strictest gun laws and highest murder rate 

IL: 4 of 5 Chicago 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading 

IL: Chicago Detective Convicted of Fleeing Scene of Fatal Crash 

IL: Hinsdale Teacher Gets 15-Days of Work-Release for Sexual Abuse of a Minor 

IL: Judge Accused of Using Computers to Surf for Porn 

IL: In Bench Trial, One Judge Clears a 2nd Judge of DUI 

IL: More People Killed in Chicago Than in Afghanistan in 2012 

IL: Chicago Provides As Many as 200 Police Officers for Security at Wedding of Obama Adviser's Daughter 

IL: Judge Orders Special Prosecutor in 2004 Death by Nephew of then-Chicago Mayor Richard Daley 

IL: Study: Chicago the Most Corrupt City in America 

IL: Naperville City Officials Blast FOIA Requests

IL: East St. Louis Cop Sentenced to Prison for Fraud 

IL: Schaumburg Teacher Arrested for Masturbating in Front of Class 

IL: Chicago High School Limits Students to Only Three In-Class Bathroom Breaks Each Semester 

IL: 23 Union Leaders to Make $56 Million in Government Pensions 

IL: Man Faces Possible 75-Year Prison Sentence for Filming Police Officers 

IL: McHenry County Officials Fighting Transparency Rules 

IL: Chicago Owes $30 Million in Firefighter Discrimination Case 

IL: Lake County Commissioners Debit Cards Ripe for Abuse 

IL: Chicago Public School Bans Homemade Lunches 

IL: Political Patronage in Chicago 

IL: Taxpayer Subsidized Free MTA Ride Program Abused 

IA: Police blow-out tires of pregnant woman in labor and hold her at gunpoint 

IA: Des Moines downtown street closures out of control 

LA: IG says Jefferson Parish paid 307 employees almost $1 million for no work  

LA: Code enforcement dept. investigating Jefferson Parish inspector accused of taking bribes  

LA: New Orleans judge embroiled in ethics investigation 

LA: Ex-New Orleans mayor Nagin loses bid to have criminal charges dismissed 

LA: Convicted New Orleans Official Gets Light Home Detention Sentence for Million Dollar Fraud 

LA: No. 1 Parking Ticket Cheat in Shreveport is City Employee 

LA: FBI Investigating Harahan Police Over Grant Money Misuse 

LA: Tainted Drinking Water Scare in New Orleans 

ME: Portland Police Officer Conducts Illegal Stop 

MA: Neighborhood Discusses Seceding from Scituate 

MA: Armed Lowell Officers Shut Down Ice Cream Stand 

MA: Worcester Tobacco Ad Ban Ruled Unconstitutional 

MD: Baltimore mayor convinces local colleges to buy thousands of self-published book 

MD: Former Baltimore retirement system director disputes accusations of misspending 

MD: IG finds Baltimore health department wasted $170K on gifts & travel 

MD: $425,000 Baltimore spent on job fair didn't yield any jobs

MD: Baltimore chief judge disciplined for third time 

MD: Baltimore Housing Authority eliminates IG position 

MD: Baltimore corrections officers caught on tape looting store during Baltimore riots 

MD: Baltimore City IT head placed on leave over phantom payments investigation 

MD: Judge rules convicted councilman may remain in office 

MD: Baltimore corrections officers smuggling guns into prison and having sex with inmates 

MD: Elementary school offers counseling for students affected by gun-shaped pastry 

MD: Brooklyn Park school suspends 7-year old because breakfast pastry looked a little like a gun 

MD: Talbot County schools suspend two 6-year olds for pointing fingers like a gun during recess 

MD: County Executive goes to trial in misconduct allegations 

MD: Baltimore to Listen-in on Passenger Conversations on Public Buses 

MD: Fed Judge to Hear Suit over Seizure of Cell Phone and Deletion of Photos by Police 

MD: Anne Arundel County Councilman Heading to Fed Prison Fighting to Keep Seat 

MD: Anne Arundel County Councilman Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud 

MD: Baltimore Grand Jury Invites Journalists to Testify on Crime 

MD: PG County Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Corruption 

MD: New Details in PG County Executive Corruption Case 

MD: PG County Official Pleads Guilty in Bribery Case

MD: Police Officer Accused of Aiding Drug-Dealing Boyfriend 

MD: PG County Pays $11.5 Million to Family of Man Slain by Police Officer 

MD: Baltimore Pays Wages to Convicted Sex Offender while in Prison 

MD: Baltimore Lists Incorrect Hours on Roadside Parking Prohibition Signs 

MD: 46 Prince George's County Polices Officers Suspended 

MA: Tax collector accused of stealing from taxpayers 

MA: Town orders 'Merry Christmas' sign removed 

MA: Hyannis school threatens to suspend 5-year old for making a 'gun' from Legos 

MA: Fall River Officials in Parking Controversy

MI: IG Launches investigation in Detroit Mayor Duggan  

MI: Thetford Township gets $2M in military money & hardware for 2-man police department

MI: Detoroit's one-party rule led to corruption and bankruptcy 

MI: Dearborn violated pastor's First Amendment rights 

MI: Detroit leaders enrich Wall Street buddies while poor and minority suffer 

MI: Detroit -- the most miserable city in America 

MI: Wayne County judge suspended for affair with plaintiff in child custody case 

MI: Detroit a city of children in poverty 

MI: Detroit judge put on leave amid claims of having sex with court petitioner 

MI: Detroit - America's Most Dangerous City 

MI: Detroit's Controversial Cop-Shooting Case  

MI: Detroit Proposal to Charge Tourists for Fire Dept Services 

MI: Double-Murder Suspect Has to Turn Himself in Twice Before Detroit Police Arrest Him 

MI: Detroit is a Dump -- for the Bodies of the Slain 

MI: Half of Detroit Streetlights to Go Dark 

MI: 'Most Liberal City in America' Went From Wealthiest to 2nd Poorest 

MI: Detroit Fiscal Mismanagement Places Federal Funding at Risk 

MI: Detroit Head Start Program May Lose Federal Funds 

MI: Detroit Bus Drivers Refuse to Work After Teen Violence 

MI: Free School Lunch Program Expanded to Include All Children in Detroit 

MI: Detroit Officials Used Federal Grant Money to Buy Appliances, Gaming Consoles 

MI: Corruption Case Continues for Former Detroit Mayor 

MI: Detroit Public Schools Official in Federal Corruption Trial 

MI: Detroit Official Fired While Corruption Probe Underway 

MI: Sharia Law Comes to Dearborn 

MI: Feds Disclose Evidence in Kilpatrick Trial 

MI: Detroit May Close Half of Public Schools 

MI: Wayne County Officials Accused of Corruption

MN: Winona postmaster removed for misconduct 

MN: Minneapolis police decline to investigation domestic violence allegations against Democratic politician

MN: St Paul school districts spend millions on 'white privilege' training 

MN: Students suspended for decorating school with American flags 

MS: Greene County Supervisor Convicted in Kickback Scheme

MO: Perjury Charge Against Osage Beach Alderman Is Dismissed; Judge Says Impossible To Prove  

MO: Wellston Officials Refuse to Disclose Town's Finances

MO: St. Louis Public School Consultants Earn $1,800 per Day 

MO: East St. Louis Councilman Receives 50-month Sentence for Fraud & Tax Evasion 

MO: St. Louis Police Officer Sentenced in Towing Scandal

MT: Missoula County Election Fraud Alleged 

NE: Omaha Schools Scheming to End 'White Privilege' 

NV: Prosecutors Work Plea Deal Allowing Police Officer to Remain Off Sex Offender Registry 

NV: Clark County Firefighters Abuse Sick Leave 

NV: 15-month old Las Vegas Jail Sits Empty

NV: Video - Las Vegas Police Officer Viciously Beats Man in Own Driveway 

NV: Henderson City to Close Last Week of 2010, Union Employees Still Get Full Pay

NH: Dover School Confiscates U.S. Flag from Student 

NH: Concord Police Officer Improperly Threatens Citizen for Violating Wiretapping Law 

NH: Legislation Requiring Voter IDs Pending 

NH: School Textbook: Christ is 'wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist' 

 NJ: Doctored Time Sheets Lead To Arrests Of Three Bergen County Workers, Fourth Suspect 

NJ: Town owes $500,000 in records dispute 

NJ: Camden dumps union police force and crime drops 

NJ: Trenton Mayor Arrested for Corruption 

NJ: Judge Rules School Officials Can Be Tried in Overseas Sex Offense 

NJ: Newark Deputy Mayor Influenced Contract Decisions 

NJ: Essex County Clerk Pleads Guilty to Mortgage Fraud 

NJ: Convicted Seacacus Mayor Caught on Video Taking Bribe Claims Innocence 

NJ: Former Passaic Sheriff's Employee Sentenced for Theft 

NJ: East Orange Health Inspector Solicits Bribe 

NJ: Union City Spends $136,000 for One Website 

NJ: Jersey City Official Receives 30-month Sentence for Bribery 

NJ: Mount Holly Township Eminent Domain Seizure Blocked by Federal Judge 

NJ: Crime-Ridden Camden to Lay-Off Police Officers 

NJ: Sheriff Collecting Salary & Retirement Pay for the Same Job 

NM: Albuquerque IG position vacant for six months 

NM: Santa Fe releases names of gun buyback participants after being promised anonymity

NY: Manhattan District Attorney petitioned court to lower convicted sex offender status of Democratic donor 

NY: Former NYC HR employee pleads guilty to using public money for voodoo hex on ex-boyfriend 

 NY: Judge orders North Country village to stop preventing church from holding services  

NY: NYC Agrees To Reimburse Government For Fraudulent Post-Sandy FEMA Claims  

NY: Ex-cops accused of raping teen ask judge to dismiss case, right in front of alleged victim 

NY: Workers' Compensation Board employee arrested, accused of cashing more than $9K in checks  

NY: Video shows NYPD sergeant shooting 21-year-old man in the face 

NY: Yonkers housing inspector accepted bribes 

NY: NYC has a mayor who doesn't show up to work

NY: NYC mayor fires investigations chief 

NY: NYU professor: Mexico should allow drug cartels to flood US with drugs 

NY: NYC to decriminalize public urination 

NY: NYPD pays settlement to man for 2013 chokehold incident 

NY: NYPD IG criticizes lax enforcement of chokehold violations 

NY: Arrests plummet 64% as NYPD police begin work stoppage 

NY: DeBlasio reappoints Brooklyn judge who released violent cop-haters 

NY: Brooklyn judge frees man already on bail for assault & gun charges after he made threats against police officers 

NY: Sheriff deputy resigns after being caught on video slapping citizen without provocation 

NY: Bloomberg's NYC drowning in bribes and corruption 

NY: School attempts to 'child-proof' children 

NY: Somers police officer removes pro-gun sign from homeowner's lawn 

NY: Lawsuit follows New Rochelle ban of historical Gadsden flag 

NY: Appeals Court: Bloomberg's soda ban 'unconstitutional' 

NY: Bloomberg targeting elevators and escalators 

NY: Bloomberg wants to ban sparklers 

NY: NYC Dems want to ban police from using gender, race & age in describing suspects 

NY: Appeals court rules district judge not impartial in race-hiring case 

NY: Food stamp use more than doubles under Bloomberg 

NY: Weiner conducts poll for possible return to elected office 

NY: 80 percent of NYC high school grads can't read at grade level 

NY: Bloomberg goes on attack against earbuds 

NY: NYC police arresting women for carrying condoms 

NY: Coney Island 8-year old trapped in high-rise 4 months after Sandy 

NY: NYC won't fire creepy teacher who stalked and assaulted teacher who refused his advances 

NY: NYC considers banning styrofoam 

NY: Bloomberg restricts painkillers in city hospital ERs 

NY: Bloomberg's secret war on your privacy 

NY: NYC police officer held in plot to eat his victims 

NY: Prosecutor admits lying to the voters immediately after his reelection 

NY: 250,000 New Yorkers without power after two weeks 

NY: Mayor Bloomberg Diverts Rescue Supplies from 'Sandy' Victims to NYC Marathon 

NY: Judge Orders NYC to Reinstate Teachers at Failing Schools 

NY: NYPD Tackle, Handcuff & Arrest Couple for Dancing on Subway Platform 

NY: Teacher Said Sex with Students was 'Warm' and 'Casual' 

NY: Middle School Children Verbally Assault School Bus Monitor 

NY: Port Authority Police Officer Earns Nearly $275,000 

NY: NYC Retiree on a $5 a Month Pension 

NY: Bloomberg to Push Forward with Mini-Skirt and Halter-top Profiling of Women 

NY: Bloomberg Considering Ban on Popcorn 

NY: Bloomberg Orders $42,000 Chevy Volts to Replace $1,900 Electric Vehicles 

NY: Regional Trash Authority Savings Ignored 

NY: Class Action Lawsuit Against NYPD 'Stop & Frisk' Policy 

NY: Bloomberg Ordered to Release 911 System Report 

NY: Off-Duty NYC Police Officer Convicted of Rape 

NY: New Yorkers Boo Bloomberg at St. Patrick's Day Parade 

NY: Bloomberg Plans Ticker Tape Parade for Football Team but Still Refuses to Honor Servicemen and Women

NY: State Senator Pleads Guilty to Corruption Charges 

NY: NYC Board of Elections Investigated for Patronage and Abuse 

NY: NYC Police Detectives Framed Innocent Victims to Meet Drug Arrest Quotas

NY: Kings County Employee Claimed 141 Hours of Overtime in a Single Week 

NM: Mayor, Police Chief Indicted in Gun-Trafficking Probe

NY: Worker Kills Giant Rat in Brooklyn Public Housing 

NY: Buffalo City Official Creates Fake Documents for Drug Dealer 

NY: Cape Vincent Town Clerk Charged with Embezzlement 

NY: Cop Who Shot Unarmed Man Sues for Being Placed on Desk Duty NY: Demands $600 Million from Contractor SAIC in IT Scandal 

NY: Rochester Police Arrest Woman on Own Lawn for Videotaping Traffic Stop

NY: Yonkers Councilman in Corruption Trial 

NY: Governor Says Legislature Rife with Corruption 

NY: Syosset School Superintendent has $500,000 Annual Salary 

NY: Mayor Bloomberg Backs Unions in Budget Battles 

NY: Buffalo Taxpayers Paid for $9 Million for Cosmetic Surgery for Teachers 

NY: NYC Worker Slow-down Leaves Trash Rotting in Streets 

NY: Staten Island Officials in Day Care Bribery Scam 

NY: Lake Placid City Officials are Paid Thousands in Unearned Benefits 

NY: NYC Payroll System Fraught with $80 Million Fraud 

NY: Bloated Salaries Alleged in Nassau County 

NY: Auburn City Wastes Thousands of Dollars in Recycling Program 

NY: Troy City Officials Accused in Vote Fraud

NY: NYC Employees Accused of Stealing Millions of Dollars in Food Stamps 

NC: Overtime pay tops $50,000 for some Charlotte public workers  

NC: Rampant voter fraud uncovered in state 

NC: Charlotte mayor arrested on corruption & bribery charges 

NC: Raeford 4-Year Old Forced to Eat Cafeteria Lunch as School Official Deems Sack Lunch Unhealthy 

NC: State University Recommends 'Gay-Friendly' Churches 

NC: Greensboro County Council Tax Proposal Meets Opposition

NC: Asheville Alcohol Beverage Commission Head Out Over Ethics Probe 

ND: Fargo Teen Arrested for Videotaping Cop 

OH: Convicted wife-beater, hired by Cleveland mayor allegedly kills wife

OH: IG who loses job over ethics violations lands new job with same county government 

OH: Dad writes 'common core' check to school 

OH: Cleveland police officer who shot two unarmed men loses 'gag' order attempt for trial 

OH: Cuyahoga County Executive and Democratic gubernatorial candidate uses county IG for campaign activities OH: Cincinnati pensions are worse than you think 

OH: Cleveland judge draws Supreme Court scrutiny 

OH: Cuyahoga County judge guilty of drinking while driving 

OH: Cuyahoga County Official Guilty of Steering $875,000 Contract to Husband's Business 

OH: Columbus Public School Teacher Retires at age 59 with $174,000 Annual Pension 

OH: Former Trooper Charged in Fraud Case 

OH: Contractor Pleads Guilty in Cuyahoga County Official Bribery Case 

OH: More Crimes Uncovered in Cuyahoga County Corruption Scandal 

OH: Butler County Auditor to be Sentenced following Fraud Conviction

OH: Cuyahoga Dem Indicted in Corruption Probe 

OH: Cuyahoga County Judge on Trial for Corruption 

OH: Dayton Lowers Police Entrance Exam Passing Grade to Admit More Minorities 

OH: Cuyahoga County Gets $23,000 Custom Table for $189 Million Building 

OH: Butler County Commissioner in Bribery & Kickback Scheme 

OH: Columbus Educators Defrauding the Government

OH: Cuyahoga County Boards of Revision Accused of Corruption

OH: Attorney Arrested in Cuyahoga County Corruption Probe 

OK: DA says race not a factor in murder of white committed by black who tweeted #HateThem about white people 

OK: Lincoln County judge indicted for embezzlement and cattle theft surrenders 

OK: High School Withholds Diploma from Valedictorian for Saying 'Hell' in Speech 

OR: Elementary School Principal Views Peanut-Butter Sandwiches as 'Racist' 

OR: Grants Pass Six-Figure Bus Shelters 

OR: Salem Officials Shut-down Yard Sale of Woman with Terminal Cancer

OR: Grants Pass School Bus Driver Fired for Confederate Flag on Personal Car 

OR: State Officials Shut-Down 82-year old's Barber Shop Over License SNAFU 

OR: Bus Driver Receives $100,000 Salary 

PA: Philly's ridiculous soda tax goes into effect 

PA: Erie County finds fraudulent Medicaid claims 

PA: Philadelphia is actually bankrupt 

PA: Philly government to pay for 'gender confirmation surgery' 

PA: Beaver County schools go into lock-down over student's cell phone greeting included reference to 'shooting b-ball' 

PA: Republican Voter Registration Cards Shredded in Philadelphia 

PA: Judge Strikes Down Mayor's Ban on Feeding Homeless in Parks 

PA: Out of Money, Scranton Cuts Workers' Pay PA: Philadelphia Owes Boy Scouts $877,000 in Legal Fees After Failed Eviction Effort 

PA: Harrisburg: A City on the Brink of Total Collapse 

PA: Easton Middle School Teacher Caught Downloading Child Porn 

PA: Pittsburgh Assesses Private Parking Space at Nearly $300,000 

PA: Beaver Regulates Snow-Sledding by Children 

PA: Two GOP Politicians Convicted in Corruption Scandal 

PA: Erie County Councilman Jailed for Driving on Suspended License 

PA: Lackawanna Commissioners Convicted in Bribery Case 

PA: Union Boss: Philly has Too Many Offices are Investigating Employees 

PA: Two Phila School Officials Accused of Embezzling $522,000 

PA: Erie County Councilman Charged with Social Security Fraud 

PA: Middleton Woman Files Suit Alleging Police Abuse 

PA: State Senator Faces Bribery Allegations 

PA: Bucks County's Obsolete Jury Commissioners

PA: Philly 'Diversity Training' Included Belly Dancers

RI: Coventry school suspends middle-school student over key chain with gun image 

TN: Judge blocks city's decision to dissolve police department 

TN: Cities & counties missing $3.7 million in cash 

TN: Chattanooga mayor talks about cutting waste while taking trip to Germany 

TN: Morgan County Official Alleged to Have Embezzled $50,000 

TX: Houston Cop Lied for Warrant, Married Couple Killed, 4 Police Wounded 

TX: School suspends student who rushed asthmatic-stricken classmate to nurse's office 

TX: Dallas-area school punishes student for wearing American flag t-shirt 

TX: Houston mayor subpoenas church sermons to edit them 

TX: San Antonio proposal could bar Christians from city council 

TX McAllen School District punishes student for refusing to pledge allegiance to Mexico 

TX: Galveston judge could 'hurt or kill someone' 

TX: Arlington teacher pours pencil shavings into student's mouth TX: San Antonio student refuses to wear high school-issued tracking device 

TX: Dallas Police Officer Punished, Reassigned for Bringing Chick-fil-A to Work 

TX: Elementary School Teachers Direct Students to Beat 6-Year Old 

TX: Willacy County District Attorney Accused of Racketeering 

TX: Montgomery County Sheriff to Use Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 

TX: Fort Worth High School Suspends Student for Believing Homosexuality is Wrong 

TX: Waller Alleged Center of Corruption, Voter Fraud, and Govt Spying 

TX: Cameron County Official Indicted for Fraud 

TX: El Paso Officials in Corruption Trial 

TX: Dallas School District Receives $1 Million in Fed Funds to Explain Teacher Performance Grades to Teachers 

TX: El Paso School District Investigated for Fraud

TX: Fort Worth Police Officers Fired in Grant-Fraud Investigation 

TX: San Antonio: Stimulus Funds Misused  

UT: Man calls suicide hotline; police arrive and shoot him dead 

UT: Draper School Board Says Cougar Mascot 'Offensive' to Women  

 VA: Chesapeake warns 13-year olds can face 6 months in jail for trick or treating 

VA: Goochland school board grilling homeschooled children over their religious beliefs 

VA: Arlington's $1,000,000 bus stop 

VA: Alexandria police arrest 10-year old for brandishing a toy gun 

VA: Pittsylvania Officials Boost Taxes, Fees VA: Ex-Prince William Employees Pleads Guilty in Bid-Rigging Fraud 

VA: Richmond Mayor Issues 'Green' Order 

VA: Newport News City Officials Abuse Government Credit Cards 

VA: High School Bans Failing Grades . . . & No Academic Punishment for Cheating Students 

WA:  Tenants & landlords file class action lawsuit against invasive Seattle rental inspection law 

WA: Judge rules Seattle city attorney had 'complete disregard for public safety'WA: Restaurants closing in face of Seattle's $15 minimum wage hike WA: Seattle seizes private parking lot to use as a public parking lot 

WA: Spokane cop who fatally beat homeless man on trial 

WA: Judge Said He Was Justified in Engaging in Misconduct to Help Friend's Daughter 

WA: School Policy Sends Two Girls to Hospital 

WA: State Pays $500,000 for 2,000 Unused Cell Phones 

WA: Seattle Police Dept Sued for Violating Public Records Law 

WA: Local Govt Spends Too Much on Basic Services 

WV: Judge Orders End to Single-Sex Classes in Middle School 

WI : Town sends 24 armed deputies, armored vehicle to collect civil judgment then block attorney from meeting with client 

WI: Shawano High School Punishes Student for Opposing Homosexual Adoption 

WI: 1,200 Milwaukee County Inmates Receive Public Food Assistance WI: Milwaukee County Workers Investigated in $290,000 Food Stamp Fraud 

WI: LaCrosse Mayor Violated Ethics Rules

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AZ: Heat City
AZ: Organized Citizens Responsible Alliance
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CA: San Francisco Public Press
CA: Spot.Us
CA: Voice of San Diego
CO: INDenver Times
CT: New Haven Independent
IL: Chi-Town Daily News
MI: Grosse Point Today
MN: MinnPost
MO: St. Louis Beacon
MT: New West
NJ: The Independent Center: Comparing Municipal Budgets
PA: Lehigh Valley Tea Party
TX: Kemah Watchdog
WA: Crosscut